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My Family Raped Me

This is about me. My own family raped me when I was eight years old. But I'm still haunted by the fact that it happened. And the fact that I never told anyone

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Thank you for your words. I have no way of knowing what it must have been like to have no one. I hope you will find security and safety in something or someone.

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Master Piece

Kadezia Danny ©

Published by Family Friend Poems July 2010 with permission of the Author.

I'm the first thing GOD ever made from my mother
I question myself how did I ever choose to stay
Never ran away from those rainy days
The days where laughter wasn't allowed
The days where rapist weren't wanted
The days were tears weren't allowed even from a child
I'm what he wants
Even if he doesn't cum
Feeling my body go num
How could someone take something that doesn't belong to them
But how come it fazes me now
Maybe because I was his young masterpiece
And the hell with your tears and sympathy
I don't need anybody to sit around and cry for me
I've done enough of that
But it hurts when you can't fight back along with the power I lacked
How I never opened my mouth
About how I got that scar on my back
How could I let a man walk free like that
Maybe I'm scared to be judged
Maybe I'm scared to cry
Maybe I'm scared to look at the person in the eye
In the eyes of a man that saw me covered in blood
Along in the dark with my eyes closed shut
There he stood standing over me
Telling me if I ever told anybody that he would do worst to me
My family I will never see
Handing me the phone daring me to call the police
The tears that sat on my face that were frozen
The ones he didn't care to see
After that day I didn't see men the same way
Thinking all they wanted was to laid
Looking for love in all the wrong places
Wanting someone to fulfill that empty place inside of me
Not caring if there is a child growing in the womb of me
Wishing there was something that would kill
I feel guilty
Guilty that I didn't say anything
Scared that another man would do me the same way
I'm sick of playing these "Nothing's wrong with me" games
My life will never be the same
I let the pressure and the pain get to me
What can be done now
I'm fifthteen and that happen eight years ago
Hearing him say nobody has to know
But I'm the one who cries late at night
Not knowing if he's doing it to someone else
Wishing I could help a young girl like me
Not wanting to accept the fact that same man is now on tv looking for me
Who can I blame
Who can tell me nothing happened that day
What would my mother say
Constantly I think to myself
"I might as well be better off in hell"
Yeah it fazes me
Yeah I'm scared
Never will he see the walls of a jail cell
All because I didn't open my mouth and tell
I was his masterpiece
Look where he got me
Beating myself up
Constantly blaming me
All because I was his young Masterpiece

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  • Averina by Averina, California
  • 10 years ago

Thank you for your words. I have no way of knowing what it must have been like to have no one. I hope you will find security and safety in something or someone.

  • Breanne Harvey by Breanne Harvey, Oregon
  • 12 years ago

I know how you feel, when I was 8, I was living with my aunt and my uncle for legal reasons, and for a year my cousin did unimaginable things to me, he used to call it house and he used to always bring me into his brothers room because it had a lock on the door, even when I told him to stop he didn't. Its not your fault that anything happened, I used to blame myself for not telling anyone this happened when I was 8 and 9 years old and I never told my mom until I was 17 yrs. old and now I'm 19 and I'm still dealing with the pain and knowing nothing happened to him and that he's living out his football career like he wanted, and I have male trust issues and I look for love in the wrong places even if they are abusive... I say good luck And remember its no ones fault for what happened to them its the abusers fault.

  • Caitlin Reid by Caitlin Reid
  • 12 years ago

I was sincerely touched, I hope one day that man will get caught. I was also a victim of rape but no one in the world knows about it!

  • Sanna by Sanna
  • 12 years ago

I was raped by my Uncle when I was 4 he said that I was a whore afterwards and I fell like crap but what could I do I was 4 and never told anyone until now

  • Ryhme by Ryhme
  • 13 years ago

I was touched by this poem and also by my father.

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