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Haunted by the memories of a child

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Since I wrote this poem I have gained full residence (custody) of my beloved daughter. We are both so happy now.

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Empty Spaces


Published: March 2008

I sit alone here every day,
Thinking of the child you took away.
She was my heart, she was my soul.
She was the thing that made me whole.

I have no hope, I have no faith, I have no energy,
She was the only pride and joy that rose inside of me,
And now there's just an empty space where laughter used to dwell.
My heart has got no purpose now, it's just an empty shell.

As I look at children play, in parks and on the beach,
I think about my biggest loss, the child I cannot reach.
Sometimes I wonder what she thinks when her mind remembers me.
Does she think about the dad she lost, the dad she never sees.

My days are filled with anger, my nights with painful grief.
How I face each day without her is way beyond belief.
Her toys are strewn about the floor, her bed is empty now.
Abandoned like the autumn leaves shaken from the bough.

There's nothing left for me to have but distant memories,
Of the times we had when she was young and full of energy.
I hear her voice inside my head calling out to me.
And when I close my eyes to sleep, her face is all I see.

But deep within the darkness that lives inside of me,
There is a tiny glimmer, a spark that's hard to see.
That spark is just a remnant of the love that is inside
The love which cannot disappear, the love I cannot hide.

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  • by Mike Quinn Poet
  • 4 years ago

Since I wrote this poem I have gained full residence (custody) of my beloved daughter. We are both so happy now.

  • by Javier, Dallas
  • 5 years ago

This poem made me cry. I have my nine years old daughter in another country. My only child, and feel my life completely empty. I just don't know how to get more energy. Simply, I am a lonely father who loves his daughter very, very much..

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