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Poem Recalling Memories with Mom

Create a "Memory Jar" by filling a jar with little scraps of colorful paper, each strip with a different memory written on it. Fold them all up and drop them in a jar and attach this poem to the jar.

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Memory Jar


Published: May 2009

I wish that I could show you
I wish that you could see
but words can not describe
how much you mean to me.

These are some memories
that I hope will make you smile,
I realized while I was writing them
how much you go the extra mile.

Being a child is the easiest thing,
with not a concern or a care.
Being a mom is a little harder,
because you know you'll always be there,

mostly to pick up the pieces
and reassure things will be fine,
even though you know in your heart,
they won't be most of the time.

You've always been there for me,
I'll try to be the same way.
I'll watch my babies grow up
to be beautiful adults one day.

I've been blessed with you as a mom,
you're the best one in my eyes by far.
That's why I hope you enjoy
all the memories we've made in this Memory Jar.



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