Mother Child Poem

Poem About The Inspiration Of Mother

This is a poem written for the Queen of my heart, my inspiration, the gentle hand that soothes any pain, my mirror when I doubt myself, my life's truest companion. With all the love in my heart.

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My Mother


Published: October 2009

Long before the ink touched the pen
Long before the first tear fell on the ground
I have had you long before the beginning
A love written in the stars

The day I was led into the outerworld by the unconditional love that sustains and waters me...
You have shown me countless meanings of love in its truest, purest and most delicate form

Your heart is my home and continues to be my fortress
I see the beauty of the world in the most crystal view
In my mother's life I see life for what it is.
Good and bad, yet wholesome nevertheless

In my mother's story I find inspiration
In my mother's teachings I find humanity, respect and compassion for my fellow human beings

But most of all, see myself in the most illuminating light when I look at myself through my mother's eyes..


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