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My brother-in-law, Jim, was a wonderful family man and loved by all, and he and my sister Sal devoted their lives to their children and grandchildren who participated in many sports. He was suffering from Alzheimers disease, and we wanted to celebrate his 70th birthday while he could still appreciate his family and friends. I wrote this poem for his birthday, but added the last stanza six months later when, by the grace of God, he died from cancer. The poem was framed and displayed on an easel next to his coffin.

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My Brother-In-Law - A Family Man


Published: November 2008

Seven decades past, we dare to look back,
Jim is his name, and sharp as a tack.

He wore a brush cut, It's still there today,
Drove a Red 50 Merc, He is here to stay.

Aldo was looking from the corner of his eye,
But before he could blink, the knot they would tie.

One by two by three, they came lickety-split,
Mark, Dane, and Debbie, in a house too small to fit.

TVs and Outboards, inside and out,
He could fix them all, without a doubt.

Clyde and Marge, and Bob, Lynn, and Jean,
All depended on Jim and Dean.

The years went by, with good times galore,
Sports and kids, and much, much, more.

Sal and Jim, are they settling down?
Not on your life, they're heading out of town.

Basketball, Wrestling, and cheerleading too,
The Grandkids are here, and everything is new.

Sitting in the stands, torn apart,
Tears in their eyes, and swallowing their hearts.

Miles and hours, gymnasiums and stadiums,
Just to see them as Champions, high on the podiums.

Sal and Jim with three generations,
Giving their all, with no expectations.

We're here to honor this small humble man,
So good, so generous, and a loyal Packer Fan.

We're here to pay tribute to a pure family man,
Who has touched our hearts more than anyone can.
Always a smile with a friendly word,
There's no greater man, even God has heard.

                        Goodbye Jim,.....
                              My husband
                                 My Dad
                                    My Grampa
                                      My friend.

God knows, we will see you in Heaven..... at the end.


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