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A mother describing her love for her baby. She had thought of giving the baby up for adoption, but a stranger's urging made her rethink her decision, and she is so grateful that she did.

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My Little Angel Baby


Published: February 2006

My pretty little angel with eyes of blue,
It's hard to believe I wasn't going to keep you.
I had a family able to provide so much more,
But God intervened and closed that door.
Your eyes are filled with such happiness and glee,
I wonder sometimes what you would have done without me.
More often though, what goes through my head,
Is what would I do if I had given you up instead?
God stepped in one cold dark night,
And finally touched me and made my life right.
Through someone else, a stranger in a sense,
Through the words she spoke, becoming more a friend.
She made me see that I really could do it,
Was already raising two, how much more was there to it?
I had never even given a thought to keeping you,
I wasn't really sure what I should do.
I thought that I'd fail you, not be a good mom,
Give less than what you really needed to live on.
That first year, you taught me how strong I could be,
And like nobody else, you loved me for me.
The night you were born, I looked into your eyes,
My eyes filled with tears and I was surprised!
Surprised that I had ever given a thought
To giving you up- I am so glad I did not.
You fill my days with smiles and tears,
Tears of joy and happiness for all our shared years.
Your freckles are like mine, and so is your face,
I would never have kept you if not for God's grace.
So I thank Jesus for you daily, my little angel babe,
And treasure you always, this gift that He gave.
I hope you grow up to be stronger than I,
Keep your faith in Jesus and you will not go awry.



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  • Rose Birk by Rose Birk
  • 3 weeks ago

Your beautiful poem is truly an inspiration! Thank God for his blessings and your ability to share them.

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