Missing You Poem

A son writes about the sorrow he experiences since his father has cut off their relationship. He keeps his pain deep inside and still hopes for reconciliation.

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My Sorrow


Published: February 2006

It's been two months now
I've locked all my pain inside
Only I see what you have done to me
I am cautious and aware
I allow no one to see my broken heart
In the silence of my room
I cry myself to sleep
Wishing someday we will see each other again
All my life you have been in the shadows
Some days there, some days not
But in order to see the rainbow
We must endure the storm
So I will wait until you see
That all this fighting is for nothing
I am dying deep down
Since the last time I heard your voice
It was a simple 'hello'
Then the sound of the ring tone
Why must you do this?
Why must it be this way?
But I still love you
And forever will
Because I am still proud
To say that you're
My dad.



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