Best Friend Poem by Teens

I wrote this poem from my bestfriend point of view when he was going through hope u like it ;]

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No One Really Knows


Published: March 2011

Who am I no one really knows
when I try to get close they ask to many questions
so I put up a mask up of lies, and hurt
hoping no one will see through my phony disguise

because no one knows I cry myself to sleep at night
hoping wishing someone will free me from my curse
I try to talk to friends but they don't understand
all except one

it's like she knows about my mask of sorrow
she see's through the lies and helps me when I'm hurt
I think she knows but I'm not really sure
but until she frees me

I put my mask on hoping one day she'll take it off me
but until then we're taking it one step at a time
together hand in hand



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