Confused about Love Poem

This poem is about two people who share non-existent love. They hope they'll someday find true love.

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Nonexistent Love


Published: April 2011

I know what you want me to say,
I know that you want me to stay.
Here with you on the beach,
You and I have battled this leech.
Sucking the life out of us,
Draining out all our lust.
A tear falls down my face,
We will die but there is no haste.
I hurt your hand with my nails,
Your hurt my face with your lips, if this fails.
God knows that we're praying for hope,
Maybe just this once he'll throw us a rope.
Save us even from our utter demise,
Just then a plan I devise.
Just stay with me and everything will be alright,
Please don't go and kill yourself in a meaningless fight.



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