Thank You Poem

Difficult Child Thanks Parents For Raising Him Successfully

A poem written in gratefulness by a difficult child to a father and mother. Not just on father's and mother's day but grateful every day for being raised with tough love.

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Tough Love

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Published: February 2006

I have matured, think as a philosopher.
Remember the days, used to play with flowers.
Became naughty, sounded the trumpets and blowers.
My tricks proving difficult not only to family but also to others.

Recollect your advice, rebuke and scolding
Problems I created, sufferers narrating.
My version of the events, you were not accepting.
To your views, reluctantly, I was submitting.

To me, the world was wrong, you were no exception.
To reform me, you contemplated many prescriptions.
My response, I did not like to show devotion.
Your suggestions, however, led to my promotion.

Today, I have lot of economic strength.
Socially, I have traversed a vast length.
I have made progress in many branches.
Problems on the way, overcame as crunches.

Much has been gained, because of the discipline you inculcated.
Popularity attained due to the principles you named.
Ideals of your life stand venerated.
Because of you, I have been exceptionally rated.

Charming beauty of mother, made me handsome.
Your teachings made me wholesome.
Parents shape the life and bring cheer.
Children can move forward without stress and fear.

People talk of Father's Day, Mother's Day.
Wish to have their blessings' ray.
No dear Father, dear Mother, not only one day.
I remember you happily, merrily every day.



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