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My name is James and I suffer from depression and have done for the past 2 years. I wrote this poem when I was questioning why am I here. I self harm and have on numerous occasions attempted suicide but like I say in this poem, there is hope. If you just stop and think about the world around you sometimes it can make you realize that even when times get hard life goes on. Sometimes even when you feel you can't, you have to carry on getting as much help as you can. There is hope.

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Questions With No Answer...


Published: July 2012

Why do we suffer?
If you promised us hope
Why do we have boundaries?
When you gave us freedom.

I'm finding it hard to see,
who is in control?
I'm starting to see life,
like a black hole.

With no real meaning,
apart from destruction.
Is that what you wanted from me?
Is that why I have eruptions?

You allowed people freedom,
which they took with both hands.
It's too late to think,
this world is at its brink.

You sat back and smiled,
but what have you created?
This world isn't loved,
it's sometimes hated.

I blame myself and all,
for what has happened.
Whatever we may think,
it's never too late.

To turn around,
it all in a blink.
That's my advice,
to all that read.

The world is around you.
Don't do what I have done.
Save the questions for later
and get what you want done.


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