Abuse Poem by Teens

Molested By Best Friend's Brother

I was molested at the age of 5 by my best friend's brother when I spent the night over at her house. I hope you enjoy my poem; I worked very hard on it.

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Published by Family Friend Poems April 2017 with permission of the author.

I will now tell you a sad little tale
About a young girl, so fragile and frail.
A mere five years old was this little girl,
With big blue eyes and a golden blonde curl.

Innocent and sweet, she was so carefree.
Looking for her friend, where could she be?
She went down the street to her friend's house.
She was as quiet as a little mouse.

She walked to the house on that fateful day
To be robbed; forever changed she would stay.
She walked down the hallway to the bedroom,
Entering the darkness, such hateful gloom.

She spent the night not knowing
Her life would forever change.
She laid there innocent and faultless.

Her friend's brother stood over her as she slept,
But She had no reason to fear,
For to her heart, he was so very dear.
What happened next changed her life forever.

For on that unforgettably horrible day
He had violated her in every way.
He hurt her more than words could ever express.
He took off her panties, took off her pants,
Molested her and hurt her as she screamed in great fear,
Then he made her dry up her every tear.

As he cleaned up the mess, he thought of a plan.
"We must tell no one, they'd not understand,
Especially your mother. Oh, how she'll hate you.
She'll spank you until you are black and blue."

Well, here I am now, a child no more.
I carried my guilt alone, pain I bore.
I hated myself, I took all the blame,
Living my life in disgrace, utter shame.
Now I know the truth. I realized
It was you who should have been blamed.
You violated me and hurt me,
You so called "friend"!

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