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I am a Freshman at Roosevelt high school in Portland, Oregon. I am fifteen years old and love poems to express myself.

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She Is Such A Weirdo, Yet Your Super Hero


Published: December 2011

I may be another girl you look at and walk away from
I'm interested in hip-hop dance and Track.

This world is full of uncaring, inconsiderate assholes and I'm done with having to deal with them.
I'd like to direct myself to paths I've wished to take.
I'm clingy and friendly,
But not ready for relationship stuff.
I've been hurt many times by people I thought were good friends and I'm still healing from those bad memories.

I Believe no one has the Authority to say
JUDGMENTAL or NASTY comments to another person.
It's quite immature
I don't expect everyone to like me. That's just life
I'm living to do it right, not just have fun.
I don't drink smoke or take drugs. mainly because I respect my body.
That's my choice.

I'm not the prettiest or smartest girl.
But I have a perfect family and great friends who love me for who I am and give me great advice.
I admit I'm not perfect. But I try my best. Life's unexpected.
But it's the people around you who make it expected.



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