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Poem About My Image Before Bed

This is directed towards my boyfriend, the one who is always there and always gives me a beautiful image to fall asleep to as I await the day I can fall asleep in the arms of his image.

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Absolutely beautiful

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Sight In The Night


Published: March 2014

Here I lie, in my darkened room,
Thinking of you, as I often do.
Letting my mind wander its hallowed halls,
Hearing your voice, its welcoming calls.
The soft gentle rasp of your deep toned voice,
Knowing it's you, my one true choice.
I run towards your shadow with longing eyes,
But you always ascend from me into the skies.
The angel you are, yet you can't see.
The mere sight of you seems to always amaze me.
The ways your eyes glisten and swim so dear,
They look like an ocean, pure and clear.
I look at your face, my gaze to your lips
That grow more addicting with every kiss.
This is what I see as I lie in the night,
As I wait for the day we escape in sweet freedom's flight.


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  • Cat Queen by Cat Queen
  • 6 years ago

Absolutely beautiful

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