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So Many Things Going On


Published: February 2006

So many things going on in my head,
and so many things were said.
I've been trying not to blow it 'cause my heart is afraid to show it.
I've keep on thinking go away but what can I say it stays.
It's like a bad dream, but I can't seem to make it disappear.
I don't want to be here, and all this drama going on is so strong. 
It's too much pain, and it's driving me insane.
All I hear is violence and I'm wishing for silence,
but all I hear is fighting on the phone and I wish he could be back home,
but I could see it won't come true.
I want it to be just him, me, and you,
but she says she hates him and she wishes she never would of dated him,
and here they go there calling each other names,
and it's bothering me and I still feel the pain.
I feel tears go down my eyes, and I notice I start to cry,
and all these tears are getting me scared it's like people don't even care,
but I'm thinking it's not true. I'm so scared, what can I do.
I sit and think and I realize I'm blue. I'm thinking one day we will be together,
but it's probably not gonna come true. It's a shame 'cause all I wanted was to be with you!!!


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