Divorce Poem

Still Love You

A parent who was left behind by children that are loved very much. There are parents out there who did not leave; rather they came home to empty house and broken hearts. This poem hopefully will speak for those who quite often are maligned unfairly, and gives them a voice.

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Always Here


Published: October 2011

Child of mine, I am always here,
though she took you away and filled me with fear

Fear of being what we are today... strangers... though I never wanted it this way...and neither did you...

Sweet child, you hold my heart in the palm of your hand, and the pain of your absence, you'll never understand...

Birthdays, Christmas, Easter too, graduations, weddings, and replications of you... I have and will miss.. not my choice or desire, but rather by the desire of another.. to omit me from your life... as my presence is not wanted, required or necessary...

I am always here, I didn't leave... my number hasn't changed... and neither has my heart.

When you decide to think of me...imagine my pain, maybe you will have a new perspective and will give me a call.. as my heart has not changed, and I have and will always love you all (3).



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