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The Abuse Will Stop

Almost a month after I wrote this poem for my aunt, which he never saw....He went to my parents house and waited for my mom to leave for work but she didn't have to go that day. I guess he left and came back. He walked into my parents' house where my dad was reclined in his favorite chair watching television and he shot him with a rifle through the heart, all because my aunt finally left him, she and my mom are identical twins and very close which he was jealous of. They let her stay with them. So I guess since he didn't get my mom he decided to take what was precious to her, her husband and best friend of 39 years. He then drove to her work to see if she was there and intended on killing her too. He ran for a week before he was caught in Mobile, Alabama. He was denied bond and now awaits his trial, please pray for our family and pray justice is served. Oh he was also one of the main deacons of our church!!!!!

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you seem so hurt by the way you are expressing your emotions. it seems your family hasn't had an easy life and I deeply feel for you and your family. this poem is amazing you should really do...

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Set Her Free


Published by Family Friend Poems November 2007

Why do you do this to her?
Why do you make her cry and hide her fears so deep inside?
Is she not beautiful enough or does she not have enough wit or charm?
Why is that you make her feel like a dog that you have chained to the tree and trained to answer only at your beck and call?
Misery and pain is what you have taught her to believe in,
Will she ever get the courage to run and get away?
To me you are the devil in disguise
Constantly standing over her watching from the corner of your eye.
Do you think you're perfect?
Do you think that we should just sit back and watch her become more miserable every passing day
Because you have taught her to believe that without you she can't get by?
You credent, you rodent, you evil man in my eyes
I see the truth and from me you cannot hide!!!!
Some may sit back and watch you make her die inside,
But as for me I will bring back that sparkle I have seen in her eyes.
I will not cover for you I will not lie.
I will not sit back and let your wickedness slowly kill who she really is so deep inside.
Courage and bravery is what I will make arise from my beautiful aunt.
You try to keep for yourself to hide your own pity and worthlessness,
you are no better, you are no good,
Wake up and face the truth
Without her you are nothing but a menace to society
A fake, a fraud, and a pitiful excuse for anyone to call a husband
But even more you're not even worth having the title of being called a man.
Let her go, let her live, let her be set free.
Hide in your corner and reflect on what you are
Because while you try to hold her there and constantly whisper how she is no good and can never do right
I will be there beside her constantly praising her and directing her to another world far from you.
She will win, you will lose and one day she will wake and see you for the beast we know you to be.
All the misery all the pain all the tears and agony you have dished out
Will one day come to haunt you and bring you down
The way you have her.
While you huddle in a corner so lonely and cry your selfish tears
She will be happy and free to live her life
And be able to finally become who she has always wanted to be...
You're the devil on her shoulder I'm the angel
And in the end the good always wins...Because you have to have her.
I want to have her, you have to make her think you love her
I just smile and she knows...It's a fair game
Let me show you who will win, it will not be you, it will not be me
But it will be her
And she will finally be the woman we know her to be.
I wish you well and bid you goodbye
Because from this day you are nothing to me but a speck of dirt passing by
You credent, you rodent, goodbye!!!


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  • Bumble by Bumble
  • 13 years ago

you seem so hurt by the way you are expressing your emotions. it seems your family hasn't had an easy life and I deeply feel for you and your family. this poem is amazing you should really do some more to show your future or past emotions cause I could read them all day long xo

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