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The Agony Of A Virgin Girl

This poem is about the agony of a virgin girl who is being hunted after by so called lovers, they goes with banquet of flattering and deceits, and return with her flower of pride (virginity) and dignity.

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Those Hunting Eyes


Published: November 2008

Eyes of my admirers afar are near,
they sees in me a maiden rose,
they spied as I emerge at the sea-shore,
bathing my feet and hairs           
Eyes of my admirers are by and here,
counting my beads,
eyeing as I grow each teat,
they kneels as I bend and stretch when I turn                               
As I solo my voice in the air like birds of desert trees,
they drawn nearer to hunt,
hunting my shadow,
until they taste of me they rest not     
They chorused my beauty abroad,
this one, they say is goddess and pure,
must be from sea or fallen from heaven
whatever is her price they've sworn to pay     
With glitter'n and glitz they proposed to love till death,
till this virgin root is cut-off,
wallowing in the belly of these hunters,
till my rose be no more red,
then eyes of my admirers will dim.


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