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The Change After High School Graduation

This is a poem I wrote after graduating high school. As everyone goes away to different colleges, you begin to lose people you hold dear. This is a feeling many go through; it's a part of growing up and growing as a person. This poem was my way of expressing this feeling I felt after losing people who were close to me as we all went our separate ways in the world.

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The Joy


Published: September 2016

I look at the stars and see your smile.
Bright colors from city lights keep me warm.
I walk along these streets; it's been awhile.
I wait at bus stops. Silent. My heart torn.
Left me with nothing that dark summer day.
Packed up your life, leaving an empty room.
You left me to write, without words to say.
The winter's too cold, summer left too soon.
Passing time on my porch till you come home.
My broken heart hurts, but it makes me strong.
Now time is frozen, and I sit alone.
Till I can get you back where you belong.
The windows and flowers begin to frost.
Without you around I'm completely lost.



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