School Poem

I wrote this poem to express my feelings against the injustice me n my friends were going through in school. they all misunderstood us..they exaggerated our little is just sometimes it is to fool..

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The Mistake Of Our Life


Published: March 2011

In our school we were the shining 'Stars',
But later we were pushed behind the 'Bars'.
We were known by 'All',
That was the reason which made our 'Pride' fall.

'Punished', 'Tortured', 'Insulted', 'Separated',
Still laughing at the 'Pain',
We never thought we will ever be 'Hated',
But after seeing the true image,
We couldn't bare the 'Strain'.

Till now we were what 'You' wanted,
But now our life has become so 'Haunted'.
We never showed any signs of misleading or doubt,
Pleading on the inside not to let our 'Feelings' out.

We were so much proud to show our happy 'Frame',
Which was now engulfed by the 'Shadows of Shame'.

'We weren't the only one to do so',
There were many more who were part of the 'same flow'.

Whole nine years we enjoyed the 'Fame',
Never realized that it was the only reason,
For the recent 'Blame'.

That one 'Mistake' which spoiled our year,
Was with a reason which no one wanted to hear.
All our appeals were 'Refused',
We were left 'Stunned' and 'Confused'.

All what happened with us was 'Unfair',
With more pain than we could 'Bear'.

No one cared about our 'Heartbreak',
They all saw our 'Smile' which was 'Fake'.
Even our 'Mentors and Dear ones' turned their back,
It was their 'Support' which we lack.

What to do to clarify 'Ourselves',
We were left with 'Empty Shelves'.

Why were we not given a chance to 'Explain'?
Why were we forced to stand in the 'Faulty Rain'?
Betrayed and lost our trust,
Fight for our rights, is now a must.

We didn't do anything 'Wrong',
It is our belief still so 'Strong'.

They tried to 'Part' us from the outside,
But they failed to reach our 'Souls',
Connected from inside,
Still standing tall with pride.

They tried to drain us like 'Worms',
They forgot, we are the THUNDER STORMS...


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