Poem about Teen Life

Poem About Drowning In Life's Problems

This poem is about when you fear something bad is going to happen, but you never believe it's going to occur. And all of a sudden it happens before your very eyes, and you hope that you can just wake up and it will all be better. But that never happens. I'm too scared to say what actually happened, though.

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The Ocean


Published by Family Friend Poems February 2014 with permission of the author.

I'm just swimming in my ocean of fears
Heading towards the deep end,
I never thought it would go so far.
I'm lost in my ocean
I don't want to be here anymore.
Why is it that my ocean is so full and rapid?
Why me?
Why aren't all the rocks and dirt banned?
If they weren't here, I wouldn't need to swim anymore.
But know, the water is freezing.
There is something sending me deeper and deeper.
Somewhere I feared it would never go.
Someplace that I knew was always there, but would never affect me.
Fish whispering, they know I don't belong here.
They take one look at me and think I'm lost, I'm in the wrong place.
But it's true. I am lost.
Trying to scream but I'm too far down in the ocean for anyone to hear me,
There's some type of power forcing me,
The type of power that should be illegal.
I'm just staring, I can't do anything else.
I can tell my ocean stopped providing water,
But it's never going to evaporate.
How can the water evaporate when the problem will never come right back up?
Nothing's going to change...I'm paralyzed, I can't even blink,
and all I'm thinking is
Why me?


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