Baby Poem

A mother waxes poetic about her newborn. Her whole life has led up to this moment. She holds her child in her arms. I wrote this poem about 5 years ago in dedication to the love I have for my daughter.

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The Sound Of Your Name


Published: February 2006

My heart pounds relentlessly with the sound of your name,
I envision past and present in a collage of memories that are too strong for language. They are the very core of my soul,
and to bare them would be like ripping through my being with a saw.
My skin belongs to you; my every breath is for your happiness,
Every waking moment is devoted to who you are and who you will become.
Are my choices correct? Will I, in some way, make a fatal mistake in my quest for perfection?
How will I know until then? What feelings are these, why can't this be understood?
To not go through this agony would make it unrewarding in the end.
To not experience this kind of completion and purpose in one's life would be foreign to me.
For have I not, in one way or another been searching for you my entire life?
This love, this pure and instinctual purpose, was meant to be.
I was meant to hold you in my arms, I was meant to feel the texture of your hair and skin.
I was meant to gaze into those perfect and all-seeing eyes that follow every solitary move I make.
I have found true and unconditional love in my creation.
I have found you.
I have found
My child.



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