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Teen To Family Stop Ignoring Me!

I like to write songs and poems. I am forced to write a description of this poem but I don't really want to. Hope you like it.

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I am 13 years old I live with my mum but not my dad

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Time Is Ticking


Published: September 2013

In a house
Full of lies
Hurtful words
And lonely cries
Parents fight
And children try
Only to escape

In a corner
Tears fall down
Blood is spilling
All around
Help me out
Let me leave
Only to escape

They pretend
It isn't true
Others say
It must be new
Quit ignoring
Please for me
Only to escape

I just need
To get out
No one listens
As I scream and shout
Now it's too late
It can't be changed
No time left to escape

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  • Quanka by Quanka
  • 5 years ago

I am 13 years old I live with my mum but not my dad

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