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This is for my brother who died Christmas Day 2009. It's about how the day went and how we never wanted it to end. This was the hardest day of our lives.

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I found this poem looking for something to read at my brother's funeral. My brother Michael passed away 13 days ago, and this is our story as well. He had a degenerative brain disease that...

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To My Darling Loving Brother


Published: August 2012

We stood by your bedside
all holding hands full of tears
We held your hands
and stroked your hair
watching you just lay there
without a smile or a laugh in sight
this was to be your last fight
We all talked about your good times
for us they will never fade
we wanted you to feel the love
as we did love you more each day
We watched your every breath
and prayed it wasn't the last
the time we got to share together
went by too quick ... far too fast
we wanted you to wake up
please Michael not your last
tell me it's a nightmare
and not our last goodbyes
As your last breath drew closer
our hearts were sinking deeper
we were there by your side
holding hands
full of tears
this was our last good nights
then there it was
your final breath of air
I did not want to believe it
this was not fair
we held your hands
and were praying again
we were not ready
we did not want this
we had to understand you were now at rest
up high in the sky shining your best
with no more suffering any more
you were starting the life of the brightest star
we held your hands and squeezed you tight
it was time for us to say good night
All our hearts could do was cry
we will miss you Michael so so much
we got up slowly
still praying it was not true
but one by one we leaned over you
tears streaming down our faces
we kissed you and had to walk away
saying our final good nights
was the hardest thing ever in sight
but this was the time to say
Michael our dear brother good night
sleep tight we love you
always and forever in our hearts
always and forever we love you so much
sleep tight now our precious brother
you will be missed more than ever
your loving warm smile and cheeky little laugh
we remain with us and be a part of our lives
shine brightly every night
good night God bless
your will always be the best
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx love tracey


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  • Maria Clark by Maria Clark
  • 3 years ago

I also lost my beautiful, kind, and caring brother, Dr. Seyedi on June 23, 2018. Your poem just fits perfectly with how I feel and how my brother was.

  • Tracey by Tracey
  • 4 years ago

Thank you all for some wonderful comments. Bless you all. Remember, it gets easier in time, but your loved ones stays forever in you.

  • Lisa Rogers by Lisa Rogers
  • 4 years ago

I found this poem looking for something to read at my brother's funeral. My brother Michael passed away 13 days ago, and this is our story as well. He had a degenerative brain disease that took one month from when we discovered he was sick until we lost him. It is so hard to explain how hard it is for us to lose our loved ones, and this poem is spot on. The hospice he was in had a booklet that helped us to understand that it is a great honor to be with our loved ones as they journey from this earth. As hard as it was to be with him, I am so happy we got to be there. I will try to read this at the service. Thank you for sharing it.

  • Bill Larusch by Bill Larusch, Buffalo
  • 7 years ago

This poem describes our last moments with our younger brother right down to his name. We are a close family and have lost both parents and now our youngest sibling to cancer. Michael was a loud, proud former Marine who loved to sing and dance. To see what this disease did to him over the last 11 months was almost too much to take. His five older siblings, including a twin sister, will do our best to keep his memory alive. We will continue to support cancer research and hope for a day when no family has to repeat the experience you describe in your poem. We love and miss you Michael. We hope you are soaring high once again with your Marine Brothers and all of the family and friends that have gone before you. Peace

  • Rita by Rita, Georiga
  • 7 years ago

Tracey, your poem replicates the experience my sister Anne, my Mum & Dad had with my brother Alec. He passed Dec 27, 2012. He was a single dad with 3 young kids and some weird, rare outrageous cancer took him in 3 months. We were there for his last breath. Being there was the most painful thing I've ever done but also the most important. Today is no anniversary and it has been 13 1/2 months but he is soooo strongly here around me. I miss him so much. Needed to read a poem like yours. Tears now fall. Thank you.

  • Marti by Marti, Missouri
  • 8 years ago

I too lost a dearly beloved brother, I actually lost both of them. Bill in 2006, at 37, and now Tommy, my baby brother, 2013, age 38. I was my baby bro's biggest fan. He was my hero, he suffered for 8 months with not one complaint. He NEVER once ask God why. He never ask why me. He never wanted to give up. All he wanted was for his family to love him and always remember him. He is and always will be loved and missed. Go Rest High On That Mountain Tommy, for your work here on earth is done! Love You!!! Sissy

  • Brittany by Brittany, Florida
  • 9 years ago

This poem describes the moments that haunt me, every feeling, every detail exactly the same except change the name from Michael to Ryan. The pain sits so deep and the memories of watching the life leave my brother's body takes me off my feet sometimes. Thank you for sharing this poem, it's beautiful.
Love & miss you always Ry, Idk why you had to go so early..

  • Tracey by Tracey Poet
  • 9 years ago

I wanted to write this, to share how my brother touched my heart and so many others we were such a strong family and to lose one broke us all up. My brother was my world he is and always will be so special to me. Rest in peace bro I still miss you every day.

  • Tanju Arslan by Tanju Arslan
  • 5 years ago

Thank you Tracey, I lost my brother nearly 2 months ago now. A nasty brain tumor killed him in less than a year, despite his courageous fight until his last day. Your lovely poem describes so closely how I felt. I miss him so much, not sure the pain will ever go away!
Thank you!

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