Abandonment Poem

I got the inspiration to write the poem from my step mom. when I first met her we had a great relationship. but then everything went down hill b/c I started lying to her and not telling her anything. she started to loose trust. so this is for my step mom, I'm sorry and I love.

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What Happened To Us?


Published: August 2008

What happened to us?
to our love and devotion?
our love that could fill the many oceans

We used to laugh
and only cry when we laughed to hard
we used to go shopping with Dad's credit card

What happened to us?
to our relationship?
when you would give me a funny tip?

Where did the love go?
down the drain?
away with the snow?

Or is it still there
if it is then where?
can you show me?

I miss our love
but most of all I miss you.



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