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A mother envisions a time when her daughter will go to her aunt for advice and pleads with her aunt to give wise advice.

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What Will You Do My Sister?


Published: February 2006

You love my baby girl, I know this much is true, the light of love shines with-in you
you hold her tight and when I try to take her you really put up a fight
I know god has granted my jaynee with a love that will never cease to end, and an aunt who will always be her friend
I know there will come a time when she comes to you, and I ask you this my sister what will you do?  She will tell you she hates me, and that she doesn't want to come home, but will you take the responsibility of being grown?
Will you turn her away or will you let her stay? This my sister will be your choice to make.  You are her aunt this I understand, but there will come a time when you can't be her friend
when this time comes will you be prepared to tell her that sometimes life isn't fair? She will have to understand that you can love her, but I am her mother and that I care.
I know she is going to say to you that I am the one who just doesn't get it, but I leave it to you my sister to tell her the right words of advice with everything you do comes a price
remember when we were younger and thought we had it so rough, I ask you to remember this to let her know she doesn't have it so tough. I want to raise her in a way that will please the lord; will you be able to respect my wishes when she comes to your door?
I am delighted that she has an aunt as loving as you are, but somethings she will not understand, so after you're done with you're talk will you be able to open the door to your car? Can you tell her to get in?  What will you do if you lose a friend?
I tell you this my sister, it is okay to be a friend, but being an aunt comes with certain obligations too, so I will trust that the right decision is made by no one else but you!


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