Friendship Poem by Teens

Poem On Growing Apart From A Childhood Friend

I had a very good friend in middle school, but during our teenage years we lost contact. This poem is about what I felt at that time.

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You Will Always Be My Friend


Published by Family Friend Poems October 2017 with permission of the author.

You were my best friend.
We did everything with each other.
We shared every tear
And felt each other's fear.
You listened to all that I said
And never complained.
You truly understood me
And always knew what to say.
But somewhere along the road
We drifted miles apart.
It broke my heart
And made me cry.
Suddenly we were two different people with nothing the same,
But neither of us could be blamed.
It was like having a lock without its key,
A shoe without its lace.
You made new friends
And fortunately so did I.
But that could not mend my heart.
The grief of losing you tore me apart.
Things do change,
But they do not need to end.
We both have changed,
But you will always be my friend.


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