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  1. Growing Old

    A Humorous Take On Our Efforts To Appear Young

    They said I was an "old fart"
    But I hardly think that's true
    My boobs were done in '75
    But my teeth and knees are new.

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  3. A Geezer's Gripings

    Getting Older Is SO HARD!

    I'm getting older, nature deems.
    I'm coming apart at the seams.
    The things that never hurt before
    Now multiply, make more and more.

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  4. The Forgotten Mother

    • By Ruby Latimer Edwards
    • Published: February 2006

    A gray old woman sits all alone
    Unloved, uncherished and unknown.
    Sitting beside her broken door.
    Dreaming of days past long ago,...

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    I can so relate. My son, 33 now, moved to the states 5 years ago. Of course he found himself a girlfriend whose family is always in the picture. Since he had been a teenager, he started...

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  6. Living With Dementia

    She's trapped inside the prison walls
    That used to be her mind.
    The woman that she used to be,
    Has long been left behind.

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    Would love to read some of your experiences. I am currently caring for and have two care givers looking after my 80 year old mother.

  7. To Watch You, Admire You, Adore You

    Loving Poem About Growing Old Together

    I was a blessed today in a special way
    I was able to be with you all day

    I got to watch you, admire you, adore you and appreciate your smile

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    Wow, what a beautiful poem. To feel that kind of love and then be able to express it in such a way that I actually felt warm inside reading it is amazing. You described your wife in such a...

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  8. Invisibility

    Lonely Elderly People Feeling Unseen

    As a child, I recall, I used to think the coolest thing to be,
    truly nothing could be more fun than invisibility.

    I could sneak up on my sisters and scare them if I chose.

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  10. Mother

    • By Tyrene Gibert
    • Published: February 2006
    Children All Grown Up Poem

    She's sitting in a rocking chair.
    She's peeking out the window,
    looking at the children playing, remembering her own....

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    This poem made me cry, which to me, the mark of a good poem is if it evokes a deep feeling. I feel so very sad for this woman, and your words cut to the very core of her feelings of loss,...

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  11. Oh Lord, How I Love Thee

    I am a tired old soul, my Lord,
    My eyes can barely see.
    I cannot read Thy blessed book,
    Nor can I hear what prayers are said,

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  12. Dementia

    • Published: September 2015
    Poem About The Pain Of Dementia

    Where did you come from,
    you evil one?
    I cannot remember
    that tomorrow has come.

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    I lost my husband 6 months love my life my best friend. We shared a great 35 years but there isn't a day that's not filled with tears. I miss him so much & the nights are so long...I...

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  13. Forgotten Mother

    • By Suhaills Rodriguez
    • Published: February 2006
    A Woman Forgotten

    She sits in darkness
    memories serve as her only company
    a life so full of joy
    now ending in lonesome misery....

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    Reading this made me think of my grandma. She passed away in 2005 due to gallbladder cancer. I took care of her at home with help from VNA hospice...while she was alive family didn't bother...

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