Poems And Poetry Quotes For Mother's Birthday

Birthday Poems And Quotes For A Mother's Birthday

19 Birthday Poems And Quotes For A Mother's Birthday

Favorite quotes, messages, and poems for Celebrating a Mom's birthday. Your mother's birthday is a great time to tell your mom how much you love her. Use these poetic quotes and poems to express your love to your mother.

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  1. Happy Birthday To The Queen Of Our Hearts

    Our Mother's 80th Birthday

    in Birthday Poems

    Poems are written every day for moms across the earth.
    Stories, songs, and ballads, all trying to tell her worth,

    How every day she battled, the odds against her stacked,

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  2. I Love You Mom

    Poem For Mom's Birthday

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    You brighten up my life
    With tender love and care.
    When I reach out,
    You're always there.

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    A parents job most days goes unnoticed, unless they take away your phone. It's true I gave my mother fits and most times I didn't understand, but I had my day of reckoning when I finally had...

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  3. To My Mother

    On Her 60th Birthday

    in Birthday Poems

    on this day as you celebrate your birthday,
    my best wishes to you mother I dedicate,
    greetings filled with all the praise only you deserve,
    my dear mother, my dear friend....

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