Happy Birthday Poems & Wishes For Sons

Popular Birthday Poems For Sons - Happy Birthday Wishes

5 Popular Birthday Poems For Sons - Happy Birthday Wishes

Popular poems for celebrating a son’s birthday. Having a son is a special gift, and his birthday is a great time to tell him how much you love him and to wish him a wonderful year. Express your heartfelt birthday wishes for your son with these loving happy birthday poems.

  1. Birthday Blessings, Son

    Thanking The Lord For Son

    in Birthday Poems

    I'd like to thank the Lord above,
    for this little life He's given to me.
    Without His gift of love,
    your birth would never be.

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  3. On Your 16th Birthday

    • By Sandra Jeffers
    • Published: August 2011
    Mother To Son Birthday Wishes

    in Birthday Poems

    16 year ago today
    They placed you in my arms
    I became a mother
    Bewitched by all your charms

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    Thank you, Sandra, for the awesome poem. I read it at my son's 16th birthday last night, but I just added a little story to each paragraph and everyone loved it. I used your poem because it...

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  4. Happy Birthday, Son

    • By Anitha Devi Pillai
    • Published: January 26, 2019
    I've Always Loved You, Son

    in Birthday Poems

    From the moment I looked into your eyes,
    I knew that I was never going to be the same again.
    You held my gaze, not once looking away
    as you reached out to grip my finger.

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  6. Birthday Wishes To A Friend's Son

    in Birthday Poems

    Looks from your son are full of grace
    He will bring smiles on each face
    Your love in the future he will repay
    I wish him a very happy birthday

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    Love this poem. One of my favorites on this website. Great one.

  7. Happy Birthday, Son

    Birthdays Continue Even After Death

    in Birthday Poems

    Though you cannot see me,
    Just know that I am near,
    Singing happy birthday
    Softly in your ear.

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