Addiction Poems

Addiction Poems

Addiction Recovery Poems

Addiction can turn a perfectly healthy individual into a complete mess. There are many things that one can become addicted to. The common denominator is that it can ruin your life. Whether it be gambling, drugs, or some other kind of substance abuse, your life can quickly spin out of control if you aren't careful. There are some people that are born with an addictive personality. They may try a drug one time and it can ruin their lives forever. Others experiment with all sorts of lifestyle choices and nothing seems to stick to them. When it comes to addiction, there is nothing fair about it.

65 Poems about Addiction and Friendship

  1. 1. My Master

    This is something I wrote in the deepest part of my addiction. I am proud to say that I am in recovery now but still wanted to share.

    I have a master of an evil kind.
    He totally controls my body, soul, and mind.
    At first he was fun and cool,
    But soon I became his fool.
    A victim without a chance,
    He took my life in just a glance.
    He's so sneaky and full of deceit.
    I wonder why we ever had to meet.
    Thanks to my master, I am now someone I hate.
    I used to have a life, and it was somewhat great.
    Now all I do is cheat, steal, and lie,
    And then lie in bed praying to die.
    Still I can't leave my master for any reason.
    He's too strong and his control is never ceasin'.
    He's the one I run to when I wake.
    I can't rid him, even for my children's sake.
    I used to be loving, caring, and enjoyed my life,
    But that was before my master took me for his wife.
    Everyone says I don't look like the type.
    They can't picture me locked in my room smoking a pipe.
    I once was a pretty girl from the South,
    But now I am left with teeth rotting in my mouth.
    My master says, "You'll never stay clean;
    You love me too much to be happy and serene."
    He loves that I don't even bother trying
    And gravels when I am miserably crying.
    I'm already dead really, just a shell.
    My master gave me a life of pure hell.
    Yes, I have a master of the most evil kind.
    He took over and everything good was left behind.
    He shows no mercy to religion, sex, or age.
    He only searches for his next victim in which to engage.
    I pray you never meet my master.
    If your paths cross, run fast and then run faster.
    Just in case, he goes by Meth, Crystal, or Ice,
    And I am begging you to just take my advice.
    No one should have to succumb to this Master of misery and shame.
    Trust me, this is your life and not a game!
    Nothing good will ever come from knowing this dark demon,
    So don't ever try him, no matter how unbearable life is seemin'.
    My master took me and broke my spirit.
    So don't meet him, just don't hear it.

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    This poem really cuts deep. I can relate to this on every level. Not only did "my master" take control of every aspect, it took control over my every move and breath. Every time I used to...

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  3. 2. The Voice Of Addiction

    • By Carrie Roush
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems March 2008

    I wrote this after I reached my first year of sobriety.

    Well, it's nice to finally meet you.
    I've been waiting for your call.
    I've noticed you've been crying,
    And I've watched you pace the halls.

    Whatever has been hurting you,
    I can make it disappear.
    You know you have nothing to lose,
    Nothing to live for, nothing to fear.

    Thank you for your invention.
    I'll be sure not to leave your side.
    We'll become very fast acquainted.
    My naive child, there's no use trying to hide.

    I should probably introduce myself.
    I am your very own addiction.
    But you cannot be angry with me.
    I am you own self-conviction.

    I bet you feel rather stupid,
    Falling right into my lap.
    I'm a master at manipulation.
    You'll never escape my trap.

    How does it feel to dance with the Devil?
    For he and I are one in the same.
    God has completely abandoned you,
    So you might as well stay in the game.

    Are you honestly going to try and beat me?
    A useless battle if you want to know.
    Go ahead and make an attempt.
    Besides, I'm in the mood for a good show.

    I guess you think you're special.
    But your sobriety has only lasted a year.
    I'm still around every corner,
    In the back of your mind.
    I'm your greatest fear.

    I'll always be your dirty little secret.
    I won't disappear over time.
    Twenty years from now you may falter,
    And I'll be the first thing that comes to mind.

    A vicious cycle, that's what you're thinking,
    But I'm only speaking the truth.
    I'm Satan's weapon of mass destruction.
    The silent killer of America's youth.

    It's genius when you think of it.
    Everyone's looking for some Armageddon war.
    But what the fools don't realize
    Is every day Armageddon walks through their front door.

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    You are not alone. Many of us are on that same boat with you. Some wear life jackets while others don't. Life jackets are treatments, group meetings, speaking to someone other than family,...

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  5. 3. A Letter From Your Disease

    • By Siera
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems June 2010

    This poem will break your heart if you have ever been through it or know someone that has gone through it.

    Hello fellow addicts I am your disease,
    I will never let you sleep or put your mind at ease,

    I will always be here no matter where you go,
    I am smarter than you and I am in control,

    Family, friends, and loved ones they won't matter anymore,
    I'll take everything you got and still want something more

    I was there for you in the good times but mostly in the bad,
    I've made you feel so happy but in the end you was always sad

    You will lie to everyone and say that I ain't real,
    but if that's the case why can't you put down that pill

    I come in many forms, and shapes, and size
    Then following comes denial, deceit, and lies

    I will turn you from everyone that tries to take you from me
    Together we will spend all eternity

    I'll embrace you in my arms and I'll never set you free,
    Spend our life together won't that make you happy,

    Don't let those people tell you what I am all about,
    Cause then you'll find a way; a way to kick me out

    Well here I go now I'll just be on my way
    but not for to much longer cause I still have much to say

    So when you think I'm gone and you can finally be at ease,
    Just remember this I will always be your disease.

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    I totally feel for you! I am a recovering addict and thank God I have been clean since 8/2006. I could NOT do this by myself! It took a VERY, VERY long time to finally realize I had a problem...

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  6. 4. Sunshine After Rain

    • By Brenda Winders
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems August 2011

    This poem was written when I went to treatment in 2002. I loved drugs and being high. I was a good person doing bad things. I lost my family, and my heart breaks every day. But I pray that I will continue to find that sunshine. I finally learned the difference between needing recovery and wanting it.

    Inspirational Poem About Addiction

    One day when I was young, I heard a knock at my door.
    It sounded familiar, like I had heard it before.
    I opened the door, and to my surprise,
    There stood a young lady with blond hair and brown eyes.

    She said, "I have the answers; are you ready to play?"
    So I grabbed my money and I said okay.
    There were the answers that I had always sought.
    Liquids, pills, and powders, and I bought and bought.

    Then one day, my friend suddenly changed.
    Her face became ugly, calloused, and deranged.
    She grabbed my hand and we tore through the town.
    My loved ones and friends could only watch and frown.

    She kept whispering something I could only guess.
    It sounded like she was repeating, "Yes, Yes, Yes."

    How quickly from fun to very near death.
    How quickly from one beer, to smoking crystal meth.
    I thought of my family, oh what a mess,
    But all I heard was screaming, "Yes, Yes, Yes."

    I had to find help; I was at my wits end.
    I had lost my child, my family, and my friends.

    I said, "God are you there? Can you help me, please?"
    A sudden peace came over me and I fell to my knees.
    God answered the riddle that so long I did guess.
    Why my addiction kept screaming, "Yes, Yes, Yes"

    It's because I kept asking night after night
    It's going to be different this time, right?

    I said, "God, I'm not worth it; I feel like a jerk."
    He said, "Suit up and show up; it's time to go to work."

    Now it's been eight months since I had my last drink.
    It's given me time to remember and think.

    So I am here to tell you in this little rhyme.
    Life keeps getting better one day at a time.
    So when you think you are going insane.
    There's always sunshine after the rain.

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    I can relate to this story. I went down this road for 15 years. Battling addiction is the hardest thing I have ever done. I have been clean for 5 years, and i have had to watch my son go down...

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  7. 5. Dear Addiction

    I wrote this poem in a very short time while I was in a treatment center for addiction. I know addiction is a very big problem for people in this world, and hopefully this can be an inspiration for someone struggling with this disease the way I have. Since writing this, I am doing a lot better, but it is a daily battle trying to get my life back in order. The only words of advice I have is just take it one day at a time. Thank you for reading.

    Inspiring Change For Addicts

    I'm writing this to you,
    Telling you we're through.
    I can't take you anymore,
    Don't know what I liked you for.
    All you did was wear me out.
    Now I know what you're all about.

    You came to me with promise and joy,
    Now look at all the things you destroy.
    Families, lives, bank accounts, you see.
    You ruined it all with one little tease.
    Look at the way you make me feel
    Then you take it all and want me to steal.

    Why can't you just go and hide
    Somewhere far away where I'll never find?
    Everyone at home doesn't understand
    How you rip me apart then lend me a hand.
    I keep coming back thinking inside
    Maybe this time I'll make you my bride.

    Then I sit and wonder why,
    Why do you really want me to die?
    Thousands and thousands come to you
    Hoping and praying you'll help them through.
    Then they fall for your lending hand,
    Only to realize you're nothing but a scam.

    You promised me heaven and sent me to hell.
    You ruined my life and then wished me well.
    Watch me now as I go on my way.
    I'm washing myself of all your pain.
    So you and your power can just leave me be.
    I'm taking my life and setting it free.

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    I've been cutting since I was in 3rd grade, and it's a very bad addiction for me. I still do it to this day. I stopped for about 6 months, but then I had a relapse; I deal with depression,...

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  8. 6. I'm Your Disease

    • By Jodi
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems October 2008

    I have been battling an eating disorder for 20 years. I have been unable to tell anyone about it because it has been my friend. I am slowly being able to face this disease, and writing helps me to express how I feel and how much control it has over me. Now having daughters of my own, I want to set an honest example of body image, but I am unable to until I deal with this myself. I fought a drug addiction. Now I have to fight an eating addiction.

    Fighting An Eating Disorder

    Sucked like a vacuum, I held my fear,
    built up anger you want to hold near.

    Shaking and trembling is what I feel,
    purging my thoughts is how I heal.

    Feelings of emptiness that have no depth.
    Disappointment climbs the walls inside my chest.

    You've lied to me all these years,
    holding in the pain that has caused so many tears.

    You think you're strong, but I make you weak.
    I know the truth you're looking to seek.

    You thought you had control over me all these years.
    I'm your friend when you looked into your mirror.

    You think you can forget me and run and hide.
    I'm the only one who has stuck by your side.

    I've given you comfort and relief.
    Why now do you treat me like a thief.

    I've stolen from you your sense of pride,
    not letting you see that you are beautiful on the inside.

    I've come to steal your strength and health.
    Don't look to me to give you wealth.

    You've been fighting this battle all alone.
    Haven't you figured it out that you can't do this on your own?

    This has been our secret for so long.
    Do you have the courage to make you strong?

    I'm the monster you won't admit,
    afraid that now you'll have to commit.

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    I recently stumbled across this poem as I was looking for a literature analysis topic. I searched and read hundreds of poems, and this one pulled me in. Every time I read it, it grabs me in a...

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  9. 7. The Life Of Addiction

    • By Holly A. Sutton
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems November 2016

    This was my life battling an addiction to alcohol/meth and pills. I have now been sober for a little over 4 years, and as I read back on my poems, I realize just how precious my life is today and how thankful I am that God delivered me out of my own hell.

    Consumed By Addiction

    So many emotions, it's out of control.
    What have I done? Have I sold my soul?

    The price is steep, and there's nothing to gain.
    But still I continue and expect to stay sane!

    It gets you nowhere; it leaves nothing but shame!
    What's it gonna take to give up this game?

    I'm going through life at a very fast pace.
    Missing out on so much and rarely showing my face.

    I go and I go, leaving so much behind,
    Looking for something that I'll never find!

    I'm wasting my life, watching the years go by
    All in the name of just getting high!

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  10. 8. Good-Bye

    After battling Alcoholism for more then 20 years, I just woke up one morning and decided that I'd had enough.

    It was then that I sat down and wrote this poem. I haven't touched a drop since.
    That was 7 years ago...................

    Battling Alcoholism

    (Ode to Alcohol)
    The queasy feeling in my stomach
    The pounding in my head
    The only thoughts in my mind
    Were wishing I was dead

    My forehead covered in cold sweats
    Body shakes beyond control
    The endless aching in my bones
    As you consumed my very soul

    The minutes turned into hours
    The hours turned into days
    suddenly, every moment that I ever lived
    Was just a smoke filled haze

    As I watched my body waste away
    And my life slowly coming to an end
    I realized. That I was wrong
    You're the devil & not my friend

    So, I'm taking back what's left of my life
    Not one more second will you dominate
    I'll bet the strength that lives in me
    You didn't anticipate

    Cast you spell on someone else
    Find another unsuspecting prey
    I came to live, NOT to die
    And my life begins TODAY...

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    I really enjoyed reading this, it made me reflect back to what I have done to my son. My life is so much better today. I have been 14 months sober from alcoholism. Thank you for letting me...

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  11. 9. Recovering

    New into recovery, I wrote this. It was the beginning of my journey into sobriety!

    Recovering From An Addiction

    I'm all alone and feel I'm smothering.
    It's because of the addiction I've been covering.
    Why does the chaos never cease?
    All I need is just a little peace!
    I feel so beaten down and weak-
    Yet all day long it's drugs I seek.

    Today I'll try a brand new scene.
    It's to my Heavenly Father I'll lean.
    I prayed so hard with all my heart.
    I heard Him say, "You'll have a fresh start."
    For now I'm held in His hand.
    Life is a lot easier to understand.
    I'm not alone and no longer smothering.
    I'm just an addict truly recovering.

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  12. 10. Welcome To Hell

    • By Nelly Barnes
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems February 2011

    This poem is my life from the age of 13. I'm still losing the battle to addiction at age 33. Prisons, rehabs, and a passed Mom has become my fate. This is all I know... I don't want it, but I'm too tired to try something different (failure would do me in). My kids and family accept me being a junkie. They're scared I'll die in the drug world? No, I'm one of the unlucky ones- I've lived every heart-breaking day of it. In the poem I wrote "she's dead" because that's how I feel. Dead, merely existing...

    'Welcome to Hell," the sign should've read,
    Reaching your destination-all in your head!
    "Last call for the train heading to Nowhere Fast,"
    The memories you create will forever last.
    You want to buy a ticket? What's the cost, you ask?
    Just hop on board, we'll talk once you're trashed.
    Close your eyes and picture something grand.
    No peeking! Now trust me, and give me your hand!
    To a beach with water and the sun shining down.
    Open up! No beach here, you're hell-bound.
    Of course there's water! But it's for your rig and spoon.
    Lil' girl, don't be afraid; 14 years old isn't that soon.
    The men don't bite, but you'll be messed up beyond belief.
    When you do pass out, not remembering - a relief.
    Ashamed to face Mommy! Got to have that coke!
    Shooting dope every day; a girl with dreams lost all hope.
    I laugh at you as you toss your life in the wind.
    Too far's us 'til the end.
    I'll be there when you lose your pride.
    When you forget your morals, I'm at your side.
    You'll cheat and steal to have that fix.
    Won't take baby to the doctor although she's sick.
    Getting a pill - definitely #1 on the list.
    Oops. Another appointment baby missed.
    Nanny buys diapers because Mommy stays high.
    Daddy hits Mommy and the children cry.
    After years of this bliss the kids got took,
    Mommy is a junkie and fast becoming a crook.
    You'll land in jail, a drug addict you remain.
    Your heart turns cold as you play the game.
    Do not pass go - strip your dignity right here.
    This old man wants you, dry your tears,
    Quote a price! Self-respect long forgotten,
    You'd sell your soul to the devil for an Oxycontin.
    I told you girl the destination is in your head!
    "Welcome To Hell!" Next stop... Well, she's dead.
    I told you that I'd stick it out 'til the end.
    For me, you traded your dreams and kids,
    Your Addiction, Life, and your faithful Friend.

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    I pray your daughter has gotten sober. I’m now 43 and can proudly say I have nearly 3 years clean time. I owe it to God and family that never gave up hope. Because of your prayers and others,...

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  13. 11. Dear Heroin

    • By Summer Sager
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems August 2008

    This poem is about my addiction problem with heroin. It states the steps of my addiction. Gladly I can say as of January 5, 2008, I will be a year clean. Thanks to my family, my two boys, my fiancé, and SPHS Behavioral Health Treatment that I am still attending. I got a great support group, and I take it day to day. Each and every day I get stronger with my recovery. THANKS

    Addicted To Heroin Poem

    I am angry...

    You made me believe you were the cure for my every kind of pain.
    I had you wrapped around me while I let you take control of my veins.

    At this point in time I didn't know who or what you turned me into,
    But you made it impossible to get through days without you.

    You had control of my body now, and if I didn't choose you,
    you made me feel so sick to where I was helpless, not knowing what to do.

    By now I started doing the things I swore I would never do,
    lying and stealing off the people who didn't mean a thing to you.

    You had me convinced that throughout my life you were determined to stay,
    that I did not have that option of turning and walking away.

    Before you know it, everyone I loved saw this side of me that was hurting them inside.
    Every time they questioned, I did what you taught me to do...lie.

    I wanted to let you go and get you out of my way,
    so scared to tell someone, imagining what they would say.

    Don't want to be judged, it was a decision I would have to make,
    but I've wasted so much time; it was a little too late.

    Being put in jail was something I knew it was going to come down to,
    but it made me free of relief knowing that I could not get to you.

    It was a struggle, but a worthwhile fight
    because now I am in control and you are out of my life.

    Being sober turned me into the person I've always wanted to be,
    and that was the one day you were praying I would never see.

    Now I am doing the good things I never imagined myself to do,
    and proudly I can say I am doing them without you.

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    Hi, I was inspired by reading the stories. I decided I would share my experience, strength, and hope. I started using drugs at the early age of 12. I was introduced to my first NA meeting and...

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  14. 12. A Life That's Wasted

    This poem is about the struggle of heroin. I lost someone I was very close to from it, and my heart is still hurting. I hope you enjoy it.


    a life that's wasted
    a breath that's gone
    he knows he's been fighting this addiction too long

    he says he's sorry
    he says he'll try
    he thinks of a prayer and looks up to the sky

    it hurts so much
    he just can't stop
    he shoots the drugs until he drops

    he drops his hopes
    he drops his spirit
    his soul cries out, you just can't hear it

    a life that's wasted
    a breath that's gone
    the results of heroin - he just couldn't move on

    he slowly lets go
    he is slowly dying
    he takes his last breaths and quickly starts crying

    his life is gone now,
    wasted away
    the day his life ends, today is the day

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    I'm so sorry to hear of your husband. You must be devastated. I'm addicted to oxycodone. I've been on them ten years and am due to be weaned off. I hate being the only addict in the family. I...

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  15. 13. Vortex Of Anxiety

    • By Cara May
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems January 2014

    I have struggled with addiction my whole life, a continuous roller coaster ride of relapse and recovery. Unfortunately more relapse than recovery. I am on a waiting list for rehab now and hope this is my last fallout. I have lost everything except my life and have often wondered why life isn't the first thing that I lost.

    Lost within the maze of my own mind,
    Swimming in circles, trying to leave it all behind,
    A mask in disguise trying to mask my demise.
    Within the truth there are no lies.
    Struggling to hold back the tears in my eyes.

    Fighting to be free...
    To be free from me
    Empty, alone, and I afraid,
    Locked inside my own cage,
    I'm fighting my own rage.

    Holding it all inside,
    There's no place to run and hide.
    Sometimes life alone isn't enough,
    And it's wicked hard to call your own bluff.

    Awaiting the future, yet molded to the past,
    It's like having to downshift in order to pass.
    Looking for a promise to numb the pain
    And finding a promise without any gain.
    Being lost and afraid inside your own brain
    All alone and feeling insane.

    Lost and broken inside and too hurt to cry,
    My wings were clipped long before I could fly.
    Living one big covered up lie,
    I tip my head to the sky.
    I scream into the silence and I scream WHY!
    Screaming to let go of the pain,
    Wondering if it's all in vain.
    Am I screaming in silence
    Or merely silently screaming again?

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  16. 14. I Need Your Support

    I’ve had many (maybe too many) times where I chose the poison. Maybe it was a guy, a drink, my depression, food... and the people around me, most of them just told me what I should or shouldn’t be doing when all I needed was support. If you know someone struggling, hold them, love them, tell them they are strong. Support them, believe in them and trust that it will pass. Hold them along the journey.

    This is my drowning,
    my teeth sinking
    into sour apples
    and I’m not hiding

    but I don’t need you
    to tell me to stop picking
    poison fruit. I need you
    to tell me you know I’m strong,

    to offer your arms as tender
    until I discover on my own
    that I no longer crave
    the bite.

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  17. 15. Addiction

    • By Jennie Nolan
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems July 2015

    My feelings in the form of words and poetry during a dark period of relapse.

    Poem About Addiction And Relapse

    Trapped in a repetitive cycle of wants and needs
    Slowly unraveling inside of me.
    There are many things,
    An entrapment of feelings.
    Letting go does not seem to be an option.
    Therefore, I sit painfully
    Letting it all consume me.
    All of this negative energy
    Swirling around and around
    Inside then out.
    Self-sabotage I commit without a doubt.
    The strength is overwhelming,
    Devastatingly daunting.
    I feel I can no longer resist,
    Resist the temptation, resist the urge.
    Self-preservation does not seem to be a concern
    My brilliance, my beauty, and heart
    Are left behind
    In the beginning,
    At the start.
    What is left is nothing,
    An empty vessel that once used to be.
    Termination turned to temptation
    Lost in illusion,
    In disarray.
    Scattered thoughts become astray.
    Numbness from head to toe.
    A blank slate,
    A black hole,
    Till the next day.

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  18. 16. Addict

    • By Rian Kays
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems October 2007

    A powerful poem, a day in the life of an addict trying to stay clean for another day. This is for everyone who helped me. My treatment center I went to, my family. Ya'll don't gotta judge us, we just got a disease. I wrote this on my 26th day of sobriety. I stand strong.

    Day In The Life Of An Addict Poem

    For the rest of my life, cursed with this disease.
    For all those who suffer, we just got to believe.
    Believing in yourself is the hardest thing to do,
    so take a look in the mirror and ask do you see you?
    Every day and every night we hurt,
    wishing we were taken care of by a nurse.
    This morning I woke up, fell out of my bed.
    Wish I had some pills for the pain in my head.
    What ya'll don't know is what ya'll don't see...
    the disease trying to take control makes me want to bleed.
    Past memories, shooting up all these cravings.
    I don't want to use, I pray, I'm begging.
    Please strengthen me, for every day is a new day,
    but where's my strength, when all I do is lay.
    No energy, no effort to be who I want to be.
    The life of an addict, can't you see?
    This battle has been won.
    The war, my friend, will forever go on.
    So now what are you going to do?
    Hold my head up high and try not to get the blues!
    No more smoking powder out of that pipe.
    I'm in the fight for my life.
    I've come a long way, so you don't got to judge.
    When standing next to me, don't give me that nudge.
    If you really want to know, I will tell
    my journal, turned into a book; it might sell.
    My dreams are now back in sight
    with help through the darkness is that light.
    Shocked and smiling, knowing I did survive
    through this disease. Thank God, I am still alive.

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    Sister Evelyn,
    I’ve been clean for 23 years from crack cocaine. I’m also a born again Christian. Let me share a few recommendations. Number 1 – I know the doctors say you are dying, but that...

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  19. 17. Addiction

    • By Darren Anderson
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems March 2018

    I hope people who are suffering from addiction and finding life difficult will be helped by this poem and be able to find hope.

    The Web Of Addiction

    A cloud is looming overhead,
    Weighted I feel as I rise from bed.
    A need for something, whatever the fix.
    Its voice is talking, playing tricks.
    Must do something, I feel the need.
    A monster is there that I must feed.

    In many forms it takes a hold.
    Without the food, I feel the cold.
    It's like a force that pulls me in.
    The want for something, whatever the sin.
    It's like a bully that won't leave me alone.
    Trapped I feel when I'm all alone.

    Its diet is varied, from one to the other.
    The need is great, like a demanding lover.
    Whether it's drugs, shopping, smoke, or sex,
    It's hard to escape its powerful hex.
    It must have a weakness. I must find a way
    To rid me of evil, this beast I must slay.

    Drugs are the worst, the strongest of all.
    So many ways to trigger a fall.
    The deeper you go, the harder it gets,
    Trying to escape its horrible sweats.
    Its soldiers hunger, yearn and crave.
    Into adversity you must be brave

    Whatever its form, this demon inside,
    An army is there for you to confide.
    It CAN be broken, but the road is long.
    Possible to beat, the need to be strong.
    Don't face it alone; confront it full on.
    After a time, the evil is gone.

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    Latest Shared Story

    It touched my heart. The gist of this poem is the reality of my life too. Only those who have faced this nasty phase can understand the pain of the poem and how the evil inside starts...

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  20. 18. The Drug

    • By Ryan Groisboecfk
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems March 2008

    How drugs can impact your life. Stop addiction for family or friends.

    Warning For Loved Ones Using Drugs

    Have you ever been tempted?
    Have you ever wanted to try?
    The things I will say
    May cause you to cry.

    The things that can happen
    If you ever take a drug,
    You'll always be tired
    You'll be slow as a slug.

    There are so many illnesses
    sure to be caught,
    Your lungs,
    Your heart, and
    Your brain will rot.

    If you ever take drugs
    You will never turn back.
    Wealth, and
    Looks you surely will lack.

    You will be trapped forever
    under the spell,
    of cocaine, marijuana,
    and others to tell.

    Take a single drug
    you'll only want more,
    Temptations, temptations
    Coming straight through the door.

    If you avoid taking drugs
    Fame and riches you could get,
    But if you're not convinced
    not a single need would be met.

    They'll run you out of town.
    They won't want you back.
    The only place you can live
    Is a small, rundown shack.

    If you are still taking drugs,
    I know you're a fool.
    Back then they were popular;
    Now they're not cool.

    Or any other reason
    You're consuming drugs
    Is worse than even treason.

    But If still you're not convinced
    I don't know what else to say,
    Just that drugs can conquer
    The life you live today.

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  21. 19. The Queen of Pain

    I wrote this poem after a good friend of mine died from an overdose of Heroin. "Just Say No" is a lot harder than people without the disease of addiction think. Unfortunately for we addicts when we don't say "no" we are essentially saying "yes" to many hardships and potentially death.

    The Queen Of Pain

    The Queen of Pain,
    Her Royal "Highness".
    An Evil Dictator,
    Who doesn't care less.
    If a faithful servant,
    Who worships her throne.
    Dies like a pauper,
    In the cold all alone.

    The Queen of Pain,
    Makes bowing enticing.
    And honoring her,
    Seem so inviting.
    Each faithful servant,
    Is lead by the "arm".
    And "stuck" in a Kingdom,
    Of make believe charm.

    The Queen of pain,
    The Almighty Fraud.
    A flirtatious wink,
    Followed up by a "nod".
    A "pointed" smile,
    A shortness of breath.
    A devious laugh,
    As you're laying near death.

    The Queen of Pain,
    A villain and knave.
    A Master of Lies,
    Who loves to enslave.
    But each faithful servant,
    Can put an end to her reign.
    By refusing to bow,
    To The Queen of Pain.

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    I'm an addict. I have been on pills since I was 13. Today I'm 26, and I'm addicted to HEROIN! I've done every drug known to man. But I never faced addiction until I met heroin. It's more than...

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  22. 20. Close My Eyes

    • By Briana
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems November 2007

    About me loving my boyfriend, being in the drug life and I don't want my life to be thrown away if something goes wrong. but I love him too much to let him go

    Drug Addicted Boyfriend

    What are these emotions, it's hard to tell.
    In my mind, I close my eyes and picture you going to jail.
    Me, the wife type.
    You, in the drug life
    I have a mind of my own,
    But I don't use it because you are on the thrown.
    You, a big time drug dealer.
    I ,the ride or die chica.
    You, behind that glass pane
    Me, holding the phone on the other side its you.
    Then I clear my mind.
    I go back to sleep for another ride.
    In my mind I close my mind and watch me cry,
    over your casket, you left me.
    You went out and got shot in the streets.
    Now I have nothing to do and its all because of you.
    I loved you so much I put myself on the back burner, I was the fool.
    Then I opened my eyes and kept them open,
    because me and you forever is what I'm hoping.

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