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Losing a friend is a time of sadness and mourning. The things that you shared and have done together may be forever in your memories, but that friend is gone forever. How can you go on without your partner in crime. Life may seem as if it will never be the same, and the truth is it won't. Take the time to mourn this friendship, but also know that there are other friendships waiting to be formed.


Just One More Day

if I had just one more day...
I'd tell you I loved you.
I'd tell you I need you.
I'd tell you that you were the best thing that ever happened to me.

If I had just one more day...
I'd give you that one last hug.
I'd give you a kiss goodbye
I'd give you my world

If I had just one more day...
I'd show you how much I really loved you.
I'd show you why I loved you.
I'd show you why I NEED you.

If I had just one more day,
it would be okay for you to go away.

My life is so lost without you here.
Please come back, for just one more day...



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This reminds me of how lost my daughter is now that her first love and daughter's father left this world too soon. If only she had one more chance to tell him what he really meant to her. We...

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