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Losing a friend is a time of sadness and mourning. The things that you shared and have done together may be forever in your memories, but that friend is gone forever. How can you go on without your partner in crime. Life may seem as if it will never be the same, and the truth is it won't. Take the time to mourn this friendship, but also know that there are other friendships waiting to be formed.


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  1. Just One More Day

    • By Jessica Hodges
    • Published: June 2012

    if I had just one more day...
    I'd tell you I loved you.
    I'd tell you I need you.
    I'd tell you that you were the best thing that ever happened to me....

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    This poem is so touching... I had a friend her name was Rebecca she was the brightest girl, very pretty, creative, random, funny, and talented. one day she got really sick and I was very...

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  3. Why Did You Have To Go So Far Away?

    • By Rebekah
    • Published: November 2007
    Remembering A Dead Loved One

    Remember when the sun shined so bright,
    you were here and you love me with all your might.
    Now the good lord has taken you away,
    but in my heart you will always stay. ...

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    Everyday I think of my two grandsons who we lost almost a year ago, Atley and William will be a year old Nov 8th and there is not a day that goes by I don't think about them

  4. Shattered Life

    • By Hannah
    • Published: February 2012

    A shattered life
    pain and strife
    Reflects in a broken mirror
    There is a girl...

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  6. Dead Angel

    • By Fern
    • Published: October 2013
    Poem About Guilty Feelings When A Friend Dies

    Broken glass litters the floor
    Because she thought you cared
    I saw, I knew but I didn't tell her
    That what she felt wasn't shared...

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  7. She Paints A Pretty Picture

    • By Elise Corsmeier
    • Published: May 2013

    She paints a pretty picture
    But all of the ink has run red
    This picture is of a bloody battle
    That is going on inside her head...

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    Hey just wanted to tell you my friend also committed suicide awhile back. She always seemed like a really happy girl so it was hard to believe when I was told but in the end that made me...

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  8. Flutter

    • By Molly
    • Published: June 2012
    Poem to A Friend And Classmate Who Commited Suicide

    Isn't that always the plight of beautiful things? 
    They chased after you with their cruel, ignorant words
    Wanted to bind you up and put you in their jars
    Just another marvelous beast captured...

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  10. I Miss You

    I miss you so much
    You don't have a clue
    You were like a brother
    now my heart is in two ...

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    This really touched my heart, I lost my childhood best friend and miss her everyday. It's hard for me to remember her but all I know is life would be so different if she hadn't had to go....

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  11. Too Many Too Young

    • By Tiffany
    • Published: January 2012

    Why'd you leave so soon?
    I sit here with bitter gloom.
    You always understood my fears,
    You always stopped my pouring tears....

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    My friend died last week, 16, a heart attack, from NZ :-( I love him so much he was funny, smart, courageous, attractive and just everything a friend could be <3 I feel your pain!!! Xxxxxx

  12. Good-Bye

    • By Chris Fourneir
    • Published: April 2012
    Best Friend Died From Cancer

    She looked at me with those sad eyes
    She told me to remember her when she dies
    She said "no simple melody will save me
    No breaks in chains will set me free"...

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    Chris your story is touching. I recently lost my friend to cancer she has been fighting 3 different types of cancer for 14 years. She died April 9, 2013. She was beautiful fun to be with and...

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  13. Is There A Way Out?

    • By Sasha Singh
    • Published: April 2012

    Their world is bright
    but in my world it's still night
    everything in their world is in bloom
    but here it's in gloom...

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