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A grandparents job is not easy. Grandchildren count on their grandparents to love them unconditionally to a degree that their parents may not be able to. Grandchildren expect their grandparents to listen, really listen, without judging right or wrong. It is often assumed that grandparents have no life of your own, and that they only exist to be called on when they are needed. This of course is not true. At the same time grandparents should not miss the opportunity that they have been given, a chance for a relationship with the next generation.

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My Grandpa

Poem About Grandpa's Great Qualities

My Grandpa is the best by far,
He's loving, kind, and good.
He always gives me wise advice,
He's always understood.
Whenever I am needing him,
He's always there for me.
He says life has a purpose,
Just you wait and see.
My Grandpa does remind me
Of God's unending grace.
I believe him as he says this,
For love lights up his face.
My Grandpa's always faithful
To Grandma, his special wife.
They've been together lovingly
For almost their whole life.
Whenever Grandpa's laughing,
Grandma laughs along.
When they laugh together,
It sounds like a sweet, sweet song.
One day when I grow up,
And I am old and gray,
I hope to be like Grandpa
In each and every way.



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