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  1. Clear Vision

    • By Anne M. Snell
    • Published: March 2018
    Poem About How To Love Yourself

    She longs to be pretty,
    Because all she sees are her flaws.
    She doesn't see that those "flaws"
    Are really her perfection.

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  3. Sea Of Fakes

    • By Candice
    • Published: October 2008

    The Sea of Fakes
    Just sitting in Mrs. Greer's room bored with life now-a-days
    It seems like I'm just stumbling through life in a dark- clouded haze
    As I look around the crush of my peers I begin to see

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  4. Just Because

    • By Elizabeth
    • Published: March 2011
    Just Because I Wear Pink

    Just because I cut, doesn't mean I'm emo.
    Just because I laugh, doesn't mean I'm happy.
    Just because I wear pink, doesn't mean I'm preppy.
    Just because you can't see it, doesn't mean I don't still hurt.

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    I have always been called a whore. In school I was a fast ass (quit to talk) girl. I never let anybody bring me down. NOBODY! And that still didn't mean I had nothing to hide. I was scared...

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  6. Infatuation Is False Love

    • By Jake Hoppner
    • Published: July 2012

    False Love isn't love when you look at her and wish you were holding her in your arms,
    it's infatuation, true love is rare and takes time to develop,
    staring at her day in day out won't make her love you, 
    it will make her love someone else...

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  7. Hitting The Pipe

    • By Lil D
    • Published: June 2008
    Poem About Getting Kicked Out Of School

    I got kicked out of school for something uncool,
    It was hitting the pipe before classes.
    Now each day that passes the world spits out masses of students who messed up the same. For the teachers who knew I messed up at school
    I want you to know that I'm sorry.

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  8. My Hair

    • By Aleela
    • Published: March 2011

    My hair rises, my hair falls,
    My roots thicken, a perm calls;
    Natural hair color as sandy and brown
    Now I'm ready to hit the town!,

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  10. Invisible

    Sometimes I wish
    I was invisible,
    so then nobody
    could ever find me....

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    I am ignored at school and I feel as if I was never even there in their minds, just a shadow on the wall. But when I see my best friend I'm afraid she will forget me like all the others did....

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  11. What Time Can Do

    • By Morgan Smith
    • Published: August 2016

    Time can do amazing things.
    It turns princes into kings.
    It is needed for grass to grow.
    It can help forgive a foe.

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  12. Scars From School

    • By Cherish Uzodinma
    • Published: April 2011

    I remember back in the days
    When I got scars in primary school
    Over the years they healed and faded
    But they helped me a lot...

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