Mother Poem

Poem About Fears Of A Mom

This poem describes the fear and uncertainty that a mother feels as she raises her daughter. This mother is doing the best she can to be the best mother that she can be. She hopes that one day her daughter will appreciate her efforts.

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Mother's Touch


Published: February 2006

I'm so afraid with her I might make a mistake.
To discipline the situation, always a risk to take.
I may get so angry, and yell so loud...
Wanting her to be a good girl, make me proud.
So young in age, though older in mind...
The biggest part of her so loving, gentle, and kind.
I want her to have a good future, really succeed.
Working long hours, hard to give her the attention she does need.
One day in her future she will know my love is true.
All the sacrifices will be seen, as with her little girl, wondering what to do.
I look at her so pretty it frightens me, the best reward is molding her into the person she will be.
I see her changing right before my eyes, nervous for I get only so many tries.
Remember friendship will develop later as she's an adult.
After she's lived life and knows the way it felt.
I will get her ready for life that can hurt so much
Then and only then...
She will be thankful I guided her with a mother's touch.


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