Missing You Poem

her brother and friend is gone and all she has left are the memories.

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A Reject Named Travis


Published: February 2006

I look at the star
that one that shines so bright
And it reminds me of my brother's big brown eyes,
when he used to be by my side.
Like the time we,
Broke the lamp in the front room,
then blamed it on an earthquake.
Or that time when you tried to scare Grandma and put the hamster in her cabinet.
I can still she her shocked face.
Oh, I will never forget that time we were on winter vacation and we locked Tommie outside in a dress.

All those visions I try to reject,
But I can't.
And I don't want to remember,
You're not here to share my memories with.
Then it's not the same to laugh those
childhood memories off with,
No one else knew the inside joke,
Except you and I.

But I do still miss your brotherly advice,
Like  Don't talk to him or don't wear this
Now reality has hit me,
I know that all I have are memories,
of you and I.


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