Aging Poem

A Stillness In My Mind

My 92 year old mother has senile dementia. Her memory is gone. She sits with others in a nursing home. She's physically strong but her life has become so narrow as she's unable to drawn on the past and so the words she utters have no context. She sleeps, eats, and breathes, smiles and accepts because she no longer knows that life is led any other way. Nevertheless, she never complains and is kind and sweet in her demeanor towards others. My mom inspires me to live my life fully each day.

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Silent Day


Published: September 2008

Silent Day

There is stillness in my mind, molecules no longer attract each other.
I peer inside, the words no longer come to me.
A void instead has taken shape
An emptiness of forlorn dread has filled the space that once was me.

I gaze, but do not see, a world of movement unmeaning to me now,
As if a fog had settled in and no wind to blow it clear,
I can't remember if I thought, of what and who and where and why,
I open my eyes to another day, I open my eyes to another day, I open my eyes to another day. 


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