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One person in my life is so special, a blessing and the world to me. She is my love and my inspiration, I love her and the time that I spend with her. She is my gift from God and I pray that I honor, respect and love her as God would ask of a husband. My Pammy is my world. 30 years of marriage, the best 30 years of my life. Many seasons have passed and I pray for more, lots more.

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Last Season Of My Life

© more by Danny Blackburn

Published by Family Friend Poems December 2008 with permission of the author.

My life has been great for many years
Because of your love, I have few fears

As we grow older and the days rush by
If God took you from me I would not cry

I would not cry, well I know that's a lie
I would cry and cry and I would want to die

Me without you is not where I would want to live
Because I would fall asleep and then awaken with all my love to you to give

Into my life you bring more joy than you could ever know
And through this life without you I would not want to go

You have given me more reasons to live than I thought there could be
To loose you now or ever and to live without you I just can't see

To my life you bring your beautiful smile
Which I can only live without for a very little while

When the season is summer and the mornings are bright
I love to watch you awaken as it becomes daylight

In the autumn as the leaves begin to change colors
I want to hold your hand and walk where there are no others

In the winter with snow on the ground and so white
I want to cuddle in bed, just you, me, and the moonlight

When the spring has come, the days grow longer and the flowers are in bloom
I want to walk with you in the night admiring your beauty in the light of the moon

When all the moons of my life came and went
All my time with you was time most precious and well spent

When my days are near their end and I am in the last season of my life
Please know as I leave this world the best blessing that I have had was your love, the love of my beautiful wife


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