Abuse Poem by Teens

This is about my ex boyfriend. He sexually assaulted me. It happened a year ago. But I still hurt every day. I have images of it in my head. I can't sleep without having nightmares, and I can't breathe knowing he still breathes as well. This is my story;

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A Sunny Day To Remember


Published by Family Friend Poems September 2011 with permission of the author.

It was a sunny day,
and I knew what I was in for.
All I could do was pray.
Hoping he wouldn't make me feel like a whore.
When he found me.
He said, "Let's go."
I wanted to break free.
Just say no.
Wishing I could hide.
I was shaking, I was scared.
Knowing I couldn't escape, even if I dared.
I've lost all of my pride.
I was only 13, you took my innocence.
You tore my heart.
Why did this horrible event commence.
I'm broken, torn apart.
I moaned in pain.
I held my tears back.
My cry for him to stop was vain.
Keeping silent.
Letting him take control of me, as if I was a game console.
His actions were so violent.
My life, my happiness, he stole..

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