Abandonment Poem

Poem About Being Left As A Baby

I'm compassionate about the gift of life, and ready to speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves.

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Baby John Doe


Published: June 2015

Awaken deaf ears, for my voice is still weak,
My tears are my words and the way that I speak.
Are you the one who left me here out on the steps?
My blanket is still wet from the tears that you wept.

Awaken deaf ears, I have something to say,
About the way that I feel on this miserable day.
From the cradle to concrete,
Clean halls to littered streets;
Are you the one who brought me from the belly to the beast?

From happy bliss to loneliness,
I still can feel your gentle kiss.
I used to hear you say you'd be
The one to protect, love and cherish me.

Now open blind eyes...see my vision is blurred,
So I'll cry a little harder until I am heard.
These blankets can't cover the coldness I feel,
Only you can soothe my wounded heart till it heals.

Take me home, then no one will ever know,
How Baby John became Baby John Doe.


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