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My dad left me when I was 5, and recently it's really been bothering me so I figured I'd write this.

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Hi. I'm 13 and my dad left me 3 years ago. Since I'm a foster kid I go on visits with him but after Christmas he left. It hurts a lot but I hide it. I love your poem. Thank you.

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Have You Ever Really Cared?


Published: August 2010

What you do makes me cry,
But I honestly can't deny
That in my heart I truly love you
You'll always be my only dad.

You haven't quite been the father I've needed
And you haven't always told me what I want to hear
You've never made it to anything I've done
Except the horse shows that you begun.

I just want to see you every day,
I just want to hear your voice every morning.
I don't think you understand,
That what you've done has torn me apart.

So for now I'll just sit here and wait,
For the day that you grow up
And realize that you've hurt
Not only me but everyone around me.

You've tried to buy my love
For so very long I let you.
But now that I'm older
I understand more and I can't accept that.

I cannot turn to you for what I need,
I don't know if you'd ever give it to me.
I just want to know,
Have you ever really cared?


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  • Nicole by Nicole
  • 7 years ago

Hi. I'm 13 and my dad left me 3 years ago. Since I'm a foster kid I go on visits with him but after Christmas he left. It hurts a lot but I hide it. I love your poem. Thank you.

Hi, I'm 14, I live with my stepdad, my mom and my younger brother. When I was 3 my real father walked out to be with another chick, not because he loved her, but because she has money. He slept around a lot, so me and my brother have quite a few half-siblings. He threatened my mom when she wanted to leave him. He's a jerk and a drunk. He never paid childs support in his life. He threatened to go to court, and when mom did, he never showed up. I never got a birthday card from him in my life. Though he's added me on Facebook only last year. Before he started going out with my mom, he used to stalk her; follow her home, drive past her house to see if she's there, have his friends drive past to see if she's there, that sort of stuff.

My life hasn't been so great. I was molested by my stepdads son at age six, bullied for years, watched a friend go through being pregnant and another friend go through depression and self-harming. My nan went through breast cancer and finding out my stepdad and pop smoke weed. Years of bad relationships hasn't helped either. SO Yeah, I have a view that all guys are worthless, which made me Bisexual, though the preference is girls.

  • Deena Cooper by Deena Cooper, Victorville
  • 8 years ago

When I was 10 I moved from Boston to CA with my mom, so she could get a better life. Her and my dad were divorced by the time I turned 2 years old. I loved my father so much and got to see him often until I moved away. I saw him once more after I moved, he and my step mother came to CA and took me to Disneyland. It was in 1992 ( I think) I was like 13. I had such amazing time with him. It was the last time I saw or really spoke to him. I tried calling, left messages, sent cards never got a reply. On my 16 birthday I was sent flowers from him. I was so excited but hurt that that was he sent me. I was 16 years old. During that time, my heart feeling sad, I got a letter from him saying he had a new child and he didn't want to be my father anymore. I was crushed.Totally crushed and have thought of him everyday since. Even send pix of his first grandchildren (boys) and still nothing. I'm 35 years old and seeing my family and hopefully him after 25 years in a few months. Wish me luck! If anything I need real closure. Hope for the best expect the worse.

  • Holly Mannor by Holly Mannor
  • 11 years ago

I'm 13 and my mom and dad split when I was 2. My dad has been in and out of my life and always letting me down. Because of him I have low self esteem and abandonment issues. This really touched home for me. Thank you so much for showing that I'm not the only one going through this.

  • Summer by Summer, Reading
  • 11 years ago

Hi, I'm 13 and while I have both my parents, sometimes it's not such a good thing. Sometimes it's better for the Mom or Dad to not be there at all. So while I feel bad for you, please understand that having them around isn't always as good as you wish it is. I'm still not over all the things they did to me and not caring or even noticed! I hope you make something of your life and show them that you don't need them to be successful!!

  • Tia by Tia, Orillia
  • 11 years ago

Hi. I'm thirteen and when I was seven my Biological dad walked out on me. He called me on Thanksgiving and told me he wasn't my dad anymore and that I should forget him, his number, and everything about him. When he left everyone on his side of my family left. It crushed me. I'm still not over it. It's slowly killing me and I don't know what to do. Anyways I can relate to this poem.

  • Desiree by Desiree, Texas
  • 12 years ago

My dad has been in and out of prison for as long as I can remember. We don't have a close relationship, and we never really talk. He chose girls and a lot of other stuff over me. So it makes me wonder if he really cares.

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