Mother Daughter Poem

Mom, I'll Take Care Of You

A few years ago, my mother passed away due to Alzheimer's. The days I'd sit with her, memories would come to mind of how my childhood days were with this wonderful mother, so I wrote this poem for her to let her know I would take care of her. Unfortunately, she never got to read it.

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Following Me

Jac Judy A. Campbell © more by Jac Judy A. Campbell

Published by Family Friend Poems November 23, 2021 with permission of the author.

When I was just a little tot, I followed after you.
I asked to help by saying, "Me do, me do, me do."
I suppose I was a nuisance, a problem in many ways,
But I hung around and learnt from you
Like most little girls would do.
For years, you showed me love and care
And taught me right from wrong,
But now the years have passed us by,
And the little girl years are gone.
Now it's my turn, Mom,
To give you love and care,
To do for you what you did for me
When I followed you everywhere.
I'll comb your hair,
I'll help you dress,
And I'll even tie your shoes.
I'll paint your nails,
I'll help you eat, and I'll tell you a story or two.
I'll sing to see you happy, I'll give you lots of hugs,
I'll take your hand to keep you safe,
And I'll tell you how much you're loved,
And when you follow after me and become
A nuisance in many ways,
I'll give you lots of love and care,
As you did in my little girl days.
They say that mom and child trade places,
And that may very well be,
But as long as God allows me to live,
I'll take care of thee.



Jac Judy A. Campbell is a poet by heart and a writer by nature, and she is thrilled to be able to share part of herself that others will enjoy. She reads a lot of good books and loves arts and crafts, sewing, crocheting, cooking, and growing a garden. She is happily married, takes care of her husband, and enjoys her children and...

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