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I feel so much for one boy. Everyone around me can see how much he means to me. and really this is just admitting that I'm in love with him.

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So there was a guy I saw when I was in 11th. He was in 12th. The day I saw him, I never thought that I'd develop a crush on him. As time passed by, I grew crazy for him. I used to stare at...

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I Fell So Deep


Published by Family Friend Poems June 2009 with permission of the Author.

Although I speak about you so much,
Although everyone can see it,
I would never admit it...
Admit how I feel
When I first met you.
I just thought it was a silly crush.
Over time it grew on me; you grew on me.
I found myself smiling, then I found myself thinking of you.
I tried not to cry, but tears still broke through.
I always asked myself could it be true?
Or is this just a one off thing?
You made me smile; you made me feel special.
I know you don't feel the same, but I want you to.
I've never admitted this to anyone, not even you.
I think I've fallen in love with you.


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  • Vrushti Deshbhratae by Vrushti Deshbhratae
  • 4 years ago

So there was a guy I saw when I was in 11th. He was in 12th. The day I saw him, I never thought that I'd develop a crush on him. As time passed by, I grew crazy for him. I used to stare at him from a distance. I always wanted to talk to him, but I feared that he wouldn't show interest. Finally, when I convinced myself, he left the classes. From that day till today, I never got to hear about him. But the thing that hurts me the most is that he didn't even know that I existed. It feels like I lost him.

  • Asha Orton by Asha Orton
  • 6 years ago

I have always been in love with this certain boy. He is 16, like myself. I am a junior in high school, and I have been madly, deeply in love with him ever since middle school. He knows I like him, but sadly he has never felt the same way for me. Although it hurts me deeply, I have successfully learned to accept the matter. The problem is that I literally see him all the time, at school and at church, and I just can't help but stare at his beautiful blue eyes. But the worst part is that he can be a jerk, but I still like him.

  • Sharlene by Sharlene
  • 6 years ago

I'm madly in love with an older man. I am 25. He is 55. But I don't know how he feels anymore, and I'm terrified to lose him. He is my twin flame.

  • Asha Orton by Asha Orton
  • 6 years ago

I've always lived by the thought of if you want something, live for it and fight for it. If the man you are madly in love with doesn't feel the same for you, then let it take its time. Love cannot be rushed, and if it is rushed, it will never be true. If he ends up not falling in love with you, just know that somewhere out in the world, there is a special someone reserved for you. I hope this helped you out. Good luck with everything. Stay golden.

  • German Galvez by German Galvez, Lamont CA
  • 10 years ago

I love your poem I'm going to be in 9th grade and I've liked this girls since 6th grade problem was I didn't (she was in a different school) know who she was till 7th. I thought I got over her but the feelings just rose up again. I can't admit it because I don't know what to do so thanks for writing the poem it was really nice everyone can see how much I like her but I can't admit those feelings. Hope your relationship works out the hardest thing is seeing them with another person. I would admit my feelings only if I knew if she liked me. Sorry for ranting either way amazing poem hope it works out with you.

  • Firdaus Ally by Firdaus Ally
  • 10 years ago

This poem made me cry cause I feel the same way I'm really in love with this guy for 7 years and he doesn't have a clue about it and the worst part of it is that I tried everything to forget him. I have a boyfriend now already but I'm only going out with this other so I can push away the one I love, but the more I try to push him away the more I love him and the more it hurts.

  • Aurora by Aurora
  • 10 years ago

I feel this way about my best friend it hurts so much not being able to tell her how I feel my heart shatters every time I see her with another guy, flirting. She asks me what's wrong but I can't tell her. I can't tell her how I feel there is a chance I might loose her friendship that's too valuable for me so I will keep quiet my feelings no matter how much it hurts. No matter how good it feels when she hugs me and get butterflies inside me like crazy, no matter I will keep this secret forever.

  • Dajia by Dajia, Little Rock
  • 11 years ago

I feel the same about this one guy. We are best friends and went out. but even when we broke up, I still feel the same, even though we still talk I don't think we will ever go out again. Which is sad cause I love him.

  • Jessica by Jessica, Ladson
  • 11 years ago

I totally agree, I've had a crush on this guy, when me & him were friends for 2 years now we've been friends for 3 years and I've had a crush on him for a year because I was always scared to tell him because I'm afraid that he doesn't like me the way I like him, I tried writing a song with my feeling for him in the song

  • Trina by Trina, Cleveland Ohio
  • 12 years ago

I just want to say, I loved your poem, it's amazing. It almost explains how I feel about my crush now. I enjoyed every minute I continued reading it. You indeed have poetic skill.

  • Angela by Angela, Ohio
  • 12 years ago

This poem made me cry. I am a ten year old girl who is heartbroken by a boy. He is a sweetheart, a softie, a handsome, smart person. He's everything you could ever want in someone. He kind of likes my best friend and she likes him too. Me and my other friends are in a big fight bc we are always obsessing over him

  • Brittany by Brittany, Lawrence SC
  • 12 years ago

ok so I'm in the 9th grade and there's this guy I really like but I have a boyfriend.... I really really like him...I don't know if like is the word but I think I may be in love with him, but I'm too scared to admit it.... I don't want to hurt my boyfriend... sooo I'm like caught between a rock and a hard place... please tell me what to do........

  • Kennedy by Kennedy, CA
  • 12 years ago

Hi, this poem really relates to what I'm going thru at the moment. My friends always say just ask him out tell him how you feel and I would but I really love him and I don't want to be heart broken and they keep thinking he likes me because he kissed me on the cheek but he says no he doesn't so I'm like confused

  • Sekinat by Sekinat
  • 12 years ago

Hi, its so nice and captivating because I felt the same way about a girl. Just love her as a friend and it's not as if I am a les just special feeling.

  • April by April
  • 13 years ago

I loved this poem. I am in love with my best friend. He is now my boyfriend. I used to date this guy that was not good for me at all and he hurt me so much and so often, and I would tell my best friend about him. And he wouldn't say anything. I asked him why and he told me that he was fighting whether or not to tell me he loved me. we are now dating and have been for two months. He is just so amazing. And I am now finally happy. I hope all of you find that person you are meant to be with. and remember to tell that person how you feel because you may lose your chance and regret never telling him/her. :)

  • Durgka by Durgka, Malaysia
  • 13 years ago

I just could wish that I can tell my best guy friend that I love him so much and wish to be with him through out my life...but my mouth couldn't do that....I just wished when that time will come...is he having the same feelings towards me too? I just wait no more for his calls and messages but he sometimes ignore me which really tears my heart into pieces...

  • Raven by Raven
  • 13 years ago

I feel that same way and my story is different I have loved this guy since 3rd grade its hard to say its been on and off when I never really tried. Everyone thinks we are dating but we are not we just have a close bond that's not that ready

  • Florida by Florida
  • 13 years ago

Well I had this problem about a year ago....I was madly in love with my best friend that's a guy and I knew him from preschool......and it used to hurt me inside because he used to talk to me about other girls that he liked. Well one day I got tired and so angry that I cussed and while telling him how I felt I said that he should of looked at me first and not at other people I should of been your first and last and we was meant to be!!....I got cursed backed and turned out he was madly in love with me too. Before I could of even say anything he took my hand pulled me close and kiss me liked he never kissed a girl before!!...and up to this year were still going strong and nothing can tear us apart!!...I love him...soo my advice to you guys is tell him how you all feel because you never know how he feel as well!!...xxx

  • Alexa by Alexa, Usa
  • 13 years ago

Well I feel the same about one boy but he is dating a HORRIBLE girl. She changed him, now he is so cruel and mean. I texted him one day and he told me to leave him alone and he cussed me out and I told him that his soul was black. Did I do the right thing, or did I just let his statement get to my head? Now I regret what I said. I guess I just wanted him to feel bad about saying that to me. But I totally believe he can change, I believe he is still a good person deep within him, maybe he has just lost himself for a while.... No matter what he says will make me love him less though. <3

  • Krish by Krish
  • 13 years ago

oh man! this is the same I feel..the same story...& I'm in a big prob. I don't know any solution. the guy I like is very diff. from others...he's a special guy for me always. <3 cry...

  • Madison by Madison
  • 13 years ago

Honestly, I love this poem, but I don't agree with your reasoning, I think if you love someone that much than there should be NOTHING stopping you from telling them! Although I know it may be hard its worth the risk of getting hurt... think about it, if you feel this way about a guy then wouldn't rather risk him hurting you if there's a chance that he might not? and even if he does, then you can be upset about it for a while and then get over it. Instead of NEVER knowing and always wondering... "what if he felt the same way?" Anyway that's just my opinion, and I love the poem.

Madi :p

  • Alisha by Alisha Poet
  • 13 years ago

I completely forgot I wrote the poem and I've just seen the other comments left. I'm surprised by how many people felt like this. my friends always told me like you're stupid you're the only one crazy enough to fall for someone who doesn't love you :/ truth is I know they're right. Well I'm still in love with the lad I wrote the poem about. been 5 and half years now, since I first fell for him and now we never talk. I'm happy as long as he's happy, even if it hurts inside but you know that's life ehh. I've learnt to accept I don't get everything xx

  • Amber by Amber, New Mexico
  • 13 years ago

I think that I really relate to this poem because this is what I am going thought right now with this guy I really like. I have a really strong feeling for him. He makes me feel like I am just out of this world. Like that song by Brono Mars "Just the Way You
are". He is just so sweet and at first I thought it was just a stage I was going though as a teenage girl. But now I know that I am falling so hard for him and I just wished he felt the way I feel about him. It makes me cry sometimes just thinking about it. I want to say like really good job to the person who wrote this. Bye and thanks

  • Dottie by Dottie
  • 13 years ago

I know how you feel. I got sucked into a love triangle. I loved him he loved her. and they broke up and his girlfriend blamed it on me so now he's mad at me and so is his girlfriend-who was also my friend.

  • Zhante by Zhante, Houston TX
  • 13 years ago

This poem reminds me of me and my best guy friend. I think I love him but I am scared to tell him. I can't help but to laugh and smile around him.

  • Melissa* by Melissa*
  • 14 years ago

OK so wow this poem explains exactly what I'm going through at the moment and have been going thought for a while now. I met this guy when I was in grade 10 he was in one of my classes and when I walked in an saw him sitting their I felt my heart drop, my eyes connected with him instantly and throughout the whole year I felt something so strong between us and I knew he felt the same well. I thought he did, but this year I don't have him in any of my classes but I see him around all the time and everyone knows how hooked I am on him because I just can't get over how much I felt between us last year and now nothing this year because he has someone else now. I just feel like I missed my chance with him if I even had one to begin with lol and everyday I just wish I could go back in time and tell him and I don't but yeah this poem really did touch me lol

  • Tyler by Tyler
  • 14 years ago

Same thing happen with me my first day of 8th grade-I'm now a freshman. This girl I did not know. A crush, but I fell for her. I told her. We ended badly, But we're really close friends now. But anyways I love this poem it's amazing. :)

  • Sydney by Sydney, Georgia
  • 14 years ago

omgsh, I was in love with my best guy friend and I couldn't hide it any longer because when you hide how you feel, then the person don't know so it would never be. turned out he loved me too.((: the sad thing was he had a girlfriend. He "loved" me but was "in love" with her. He told me we couldn't be and too just back off. I haven't talked to him since then and its been two weeks. He says hi to me in the hall but I just keep walking. Its just too hard to deal with the pain of being in love with someone you will never have.

  • Daveey by Daveey
  • 14 years ago

OMG what lovely poem, whoever he is he's a lucky guy just tell him if I was him I would be over the moon :) You are a lovely girl and you deserve whatever you want xx

  • Anna by Anna
  • 14 years ago

This is how I feel about my boyfriend. He knows I'm full on in love with him and so does everyone else. They think I act stupid and to clingy, but I'm in love and that won't stop me. I will love him forever. xx

  • Alisha by Alisha Poet
  • 14 years ago

Hi guys. thanks for the comments back, I know it's hard right loving someone so much and they don't have a clue or possibly don't even feel nothing back. the lad I wrote it about I've told him how I felt shortly after I wrote this poem, and its been so difficult, now when I see him he don't want get too close with me again like we were. I think that must of been the biggest mistake I've ever done. cause I miss all our little chats late at night =[ I'm glad you liked my poem as well thank you. xxx

  • Jay by Jay
  • 14 years ago

Yeah sadly this is so true. I have felt this way about an old friend. She would always coming crying to me when her latest boyfriend broke up with her, and ask me why don't they care. I allways thought to say because they are not me, but it never would work. We haven't talked in over 5 years and just recently we have started talking again. Sadly I still feel the same for her now as I did then, but it still could never be. She married and happy and I'm just me so I guess we will always let it be...

  • Auvro by Auvro
  • 14 years ago

OMG, this is the soooo good...
I feel the same as you do girl...

  • karla by karla
  • 14 years ago

this poem it touched me becauseI feel the same way abut a boy. He is my best guy friend, but I know him and I will never be. So I keep it quiet, it hurts, the pain kills me day by day. I wish I could tell him how much I love him. How much he mean to me but all I do now is keep quiet, I see him off into the arms of anther girl my heart breaks in a thousands of little peaces. He will never know much I love him I shall keep quiet.

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