Teen Pregnancy Poem

This is a poem describing what happened to my best friend Amy. Her mom made her move away and leave her boyfriend behind.

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I Didn't Want To Leave You

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Published: February 2014

I didn't want to leave you
I wanted to stay
but my mother said I had to go
and so she took me away

our baby lives inside me
she grows a little each day
though I'm too young
I love our daughter either way

the house that I stay in
is too far away from you
our baby needs a father near
but I don't know what to do

if only you could come here
I miss you a lot
my mother won't allow it
but who says we'll get caught

I'm six months pregnant
and I'm really starting to show
even at my new school
everyone will know

each day she grows bigger
and her due date nears
and without you with me
who will soothe my biggest fears

I didn't want to leave you
and my goodbyes weren't classy
but I really wish you were here



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