Addiction Poem about Family

Mom Becoming A Different Person

After my parents divorced, my mother wanted to be young again, so she started going to bars 4 nights a week. She started getting into drugs and heavy drinking. She took her anger out on me when she got home from the bar. It was my job to protect my younger siblings. The last stretch was when she attacked me in my own room and choked me. My siblings and I filed a TRO and we have all moved in with other family members. Poetry helps me express what I can't say to her.

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I'll Be Fine


Published by Family Friend Poems August 2017 with permission of the Author.

Being born into your arms,
I felt my life was out of harm.
Felt that you would never hurt your baby.
Now that never has turned to maybe.

You have grown out of the old and into a new life.
Not my father's but someone else's wife.
Your new choices we just could not hinder.
Your heart is now as cold as a block of cinder.

The new decisions you have chosen to make
Have turned the woman I loved into a fake.
Which face do you use when you go out?
The same face you use when you pout?

Fake as the lips on your face of two,
How could you throw your life away just out of the blue?
Three human beings have part of your heart.
Every time you raise that glass to your lips, you are tearing them apart.

This is the path that you have chosen.
The blood in your veins is now frozen.
Leave this life of mine.
I promise, Mommy, I'll be fine.

I have learned from you
What not to do.
I will watch over and guide the other two.
We will eventually get over what you put us through.

Enjoy the life you lead with your new half
While everyone joins in for a good laugh.
Keep bringing that glass to your lips.
Listen to the band and move your hips.

Do not worry about me in the meantime.
Do not worry, Mommy, I'll be fine.


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