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My daughter asked me not too long ago what it was like to be an addict and how did her Mamma fall in to such a awful thing? This was my reply to her.

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I'm 46 and life has passed me by because of addiction. I've also been a cutter for 30 years, and nothing can stop the tears.

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I'm An Addict


Published by Family Friend Poems June 2014

It's walking a path, a path you take every day,
but suddenly one day there is a huge hole in the middle of your path
and you're not paying attention
because you walked this path every day for years.
You fall in.
It's not so bad and it wasn't that deep,
so you climbed right out and went on your way.

On your path of life you're walking,
and you see the hole and you know it's there,
but you fall in anyway (I mean it wasn't so bad last time),
but this time it's deeper but others are there, and they lift you out.
So you made a friend or two.
Dusting yourself off you go about your way.

You're walking along like any other day, and you see the hole.
Hey, maybe your new friends are there today,
so you fall in, but this time there's no one there,
no one there to lift you out and you realize you're stuck.
People are walking by, and you're yelling out for help,
but they just keep walking.
Local law enforcement come along
and give you a helping hand (wanted or not).
They help you out and advise you of the hole,
"Maybe you should find a new path," they say.
Headstrong, you set out on your path, you see the hole,
but you think you are stronger now and you will go around,
but as you are walking by you see that your friends are there
and seem to be having a great time, so you fall in.
You're kind of broken now and you're weak,
but as your friends are leaving no one offers you a helping hand out.
They leave you there.
This time it will take much effort to climb your way out.
Where will you find the strength?
You finally get strong enough to pull yourself out,
but it wasn't easy and no one was willing to help
because they know you knew the hole was there and it was your own fault.

You're walking the path of life,
but you're looking ahead this time.
You see the hole, but it's a lot more obvious this time.
You consider going back, but you go literally jump in,
and AGAIN you're lost and alone in this hole.
No one even sees you now.
No one cares, but it's your own fault.
Alone you manage to climb out.
You're walking your everyday path of life,
but this time as you see the hole you look around to the left and to the right.
You look up and say a little prayer,
and the Lord gives you the strength to take a different path.

Hopefully we can all continue to take the different path because forever I am an addict!


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  • King Cannon by King Cannon
  • 5 years ago

I've struggled with addiction all my life. Went to my first treatment at 16 and it is really killing me. I cry now when I do any chemical, but it's the only thing I know and it doesn't work anymore since God came in my heart. I have a story you wouldn't believe.

  • Recovering Addict by Recovering Addict
  • 8 years ago

Sounds almost totally identical to the story used in treatment that is supposed to be motivational to us recovering addicts who are learning to make better choices. Addiction is the disease of amnesia...wouldn't wish this disease on any other human.

  • King Cannon by King Cannon
  • 5 years ago

I'm 46 and life has passed me by because of addiction. I've also been a cutter for 30 years, and nothing can stop the tears.

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