Abortion Poem

I wrote this poem thinking about a woman who gave abortion to a baby.

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In Her Dreams

© more by Jennifer Ponce

Published: March 2010

In her dreams
She carries a
Lifeless body
A baby that she destroyed
When she thought
She had

It was 1997
When she sent that baby
Straight to heaven
She did whatever he told her
Whatever he ordered
That baby was an accident
It didn't have to happen

She begged and begged
But his words were said
Tomorrow was the day
That that baby
Would be dead

When tomorrow finally came
A part of her felt lifeless
With terrible shame
And a lot of pain

The funny thing is
That the next day
He left
She didn't know
That it was just
A bet

A bet with his friends
That he can get
In between
Her legs

When she found out
She was about
To commit suicide
But didn't
She just let time
Pass by

Now she just thinks about the baby
Would he be bald or hairy?
How would he look?
Would he like books?
How about school?
A's or B's?

At night she cries
Because her conscious
Won't let her sleep
That baby would be eleven
But it was her weakness
That sent him
Straight to heaven


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