Bullying Poem

This poem was written because of the bullying that is becoming rampant in our society. I have been bullied myself when I was in school and very young. It went on from elementary school until I graduated from high school. There was no support for me from the school and would never tell anyone due to fear of being hurt physically by the bullies for snitching on them. This poem really speaks volumes not only for me now that I am an adult, but for those who are struggling with pain.

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I've Taken My Power Back

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Published: March 2011

I know what you've been through feeling alone in the dark.
I know it seems to all be too much to handle.
The bullies are strong and hurtful in every way.
But you will get through this because you are strong.
Just remember things will get easier I promise you that.

As I walked down these scary halls of this wretched school
I know the day will come and I will be free to embrace the person that  I am
And look back to scream at the top of my lungs to say to those bullies
You may have taken my power then but now I've taken my power back
No more being afraid to speak up, no more being afraid to walk, no more
crying in my world which is now filled with love respect and most of all empowerment for me.
Now I stand tall as a proud human being and share my purpose in life because
I matter and the power is mine to keep.

Written by Shawn Elford

Dedicated to all those who suffered the trials and tribulations of bullies and survived and to all those who never had the chance to be the person they wanted to be in this world. We love you all.



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