Addiction Poem about Family

An Addict Who Wants To Keep Using

I wrote this when I was in rehab back in 2005. It was always my excuse to keep using. It is not promoting drugs; I just want to show the messed up thinking of someone who is addicted. There is always one more day when you're an addict. I could not see that one more day would kill me.

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Just One More Day


Published by Family Friend Poems July 2010 with permission of the Author.

Just one more use; it's not abuse
To make it through my day

Just one more day is all I want
To take away my pain

Just one more time to fly up high
And touch those unreachable stars

Just one more hit is all I need
To make it all okay

Today is hard, tomorrow will be better
I will stop another day

What can it hurt; just one last time
No one has to know

I need that prick so make it thick
To stick in to my veins

So let's get high and make time fly
To end this worthless day

One more time is all I ask
It's just too much to bear

Tomorrow I can try again
Today was too unfair

It's just one use; it's not abuse
To make it one more day


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