Addiction Poem about Family

For My Sister

My sister has been an addict for several years and has been in and out of the hospital recently. I have tried to be tough, but something inside of me broke today. I am moving out of state soon, and I am afraid this will be the last time I see her alive. With tears running down my face I wrote this poem.

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An Addict


Published by Family Friend Poems April 2011 with permission of the Author.

She chased the dragon into the night
Now we fear she will never see the light
She has so much to live for
But nothing can fill her emptiness more
She thinks everything can be fixed with a pill
Yet the cold still gives her a chill
And the hole she has dug
Will never be filled back up with a drug
She finds comfort in those who know her pain
But they aren't the ones to blame
Mommy tries so hard to believe the lies
Still seeing her baby girl in those bloodshot eyes
Her sister gave up hope years ago
Could not cope with anymore hurt and sorrow
If only the love of your family could be enough
Don't know how much longer we can stay tough
We wonder where it all started
And how much more we can bear
What happened to my little sister with blonde hair
Always at the top of her class
Did she get cut when tasted the glass
Will she ever mend her wings again
Or is every breath she takes
bringing her closer to the end


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